Why I am starting this journey

I’m listing the foods that came back from tests as being allergens so that I can track better after I start adding them back to my diet. I’ll be interested to see which ones affect me the most, if at all. I’ve been eating everything I love over the holidays, so that when the restrictions start, I won’t feel as deprived. I know it’s kind of messed up but it’s a mind thing. And it’s honestly not as satisfying as I would think plus, I’m miserable. My acid reflux is worse than it’s ever been with me taking 2-3 Prilosec a day (probably not recommended but I don’t have a choice). I’ve woke up twice now with it backing up into my throat and choking me. Plus, I’m not sleeping very well which could partly be because I’ve been sick. But me being sick makes me wonder if it’s due in part to my diet. I’m also more exhausted than usual. A simple outing for a meal just wears me out. Diet or sick? Who knows.

Here’s the list:

  • Meat and fish: scallops and swordfish (not a problem at all)
  • Dairy & egg: cheddar cheese; cottage cheese; egg, white; egg, yolk; milk, cow’s. Mozzarella and yogurt were ok but my doctor recommended I stay away from all. I’m wondering if ghee or clarified butter would be ok.
  • Beverage & Misc: Honey
  • Vegetables: garlic (shoot me now); mushrooms; spinach. I can make do without the mushrooms and spinach but garlic is a favorite and in everything!
  • legumes & pulses: green peas and soybean. I don’t like green peas and never eat soy so I’m good.
  • Nuts, seeds & oils: almond (another staple in my life); safflower, sesame and walnut. Almonds are in everything when trying to substitute dairy and it’s a great snack!
  • Fruits: coconut (ugh! see almonds) and grapefruit
  • Grains & starches: barley; bran; gluten; malt and wheat

I tried omitting all of these things right after Thanksgiving and did very well for 2 weeks but then the Christmas parties started. Considering I could have all the meats and veggies I wanted, it really wasn’t that hard. Eating out was the hardest. At Applebee’s one night I ordered a hamburger, plain and some fries. I was almost done with the fries when I realized they had garlic on them. I gained 2 pounds the next day, belched all night and my stomach felt bloated. So I’m pretty sure garlic will be a no-no from now on but I’ll test it again to make sure.

I had mentioned on Facebook that I was having to avoid all of these foods and a friend of mine tagged me in a post about a diet challenge that would be starting on January 2nd. I clicked on it and did a little research and decided hey, why not? It doesn’t omit much more than I’m already having to omit and it would be an added layer of accountability. It’s called The Whole30. In short, it’s a paleo diet. So in addition to the above, I will also give up corn, sugar (real or artificial), legumes and alcohol. A few things that are ok (and used a lot) on paleo but not on my list are eggs, coconut and almonds. It recommends no creativity like gluten free pancakes even though they are Whole30 compliant. The idea is to learn to eat whole foods. Meats, fruits and veggies. I’ll be getting more into that in the next couple of days and how I will be preparing for the big day.

Before I log off, I wanted to clarify something I said yesterday. I mentioned a few products that I had tried previously when starting a diet plan. I briefly mentioned that some worked and some didn’t. One that worked and the one that helped me get to 135 pounds was Arbonne. It was an elimination diet using all of their nutritional products. I felt better than I had in years but was still suffering from fatigue. My husband’s motorcycle wreck 8 months after  I reached my goal weight was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I believe my problem was that I never added the eliminated foods back and I just gradually went back to my old ways. I still use a lot of their products and will continue to do so. Plexus is another. I use their vitamins and probiotics and will continue to use these products as well. I’m a firm believer in products that are natural with no additives. Both of these products fall in that category but I believe the reason for my continued fatigue is once again because of food. Something I eat is causing the fatigue. I’m praying that in about 35 days I will feel like a million bucks!


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