Food is definitely not my friend

I’ve really been blowing it out lately and I’m paying for it! The amount of Prilosec I’m taking can’t be good for me. I wake up choking with acid reflux and half the time it feels like there’s a brick in my stomach. I’m beyond exhausted and just feel like pooh. Yet I keep eating things I know will make me feel bad because I know I won’t be able to next week. My ultimate wish is that I will feel like I’ve never felt before come January 31 and I won’t want to go back to my old eating habits. Which is my standard MO. So it’s like a fond adeu to all my favorites. Tonight I had a reuben from Melt. It was sooo good! Tomorrow night we go to Konomi for Erin-Ann’s birthday; Saturday is the game and of course New Year’s Eve. Sunday will be meatloaf, black eye peas and turnip greens. Oh and cornbread.

Today I went to Sprouts and bought some items for next week. It’s frustrating when everything you look at as a possible meal has something in it that you can’t have. I was looking at the smoked sausage and it all had garlic in it. Everything has garlic in it! Even stuff you don’t think about. But I did get some bacon, ghee (which I’m still not sure is ok), sun butter (made with sunflower seeds), a spaghetti squash and a couple of snacks like pumpkin seeds and banana chips. I also got a lot of organic canned tomatoes and tomato paste. Not really sure why but it seemed like a good idea. I stood looking at the “milk” forever. I know I can have cashew milk but when you look at the ingredients there are things in there that make me wonder if they are Whole30 compliant. And stuff I can’t pronounce, which is always scary. So I’ve decided to make my own. Apparently you just soak the cashews and then blend the softened cashews with water. I can add a date to sweeten it up a little and then I strain it through a cheese cloth. I’m going to try it and see how it tastes in my coffee. I’ll need to get some cheese cloth though. I also need a spiralizer. Apparently you can spiralize zuchini and pretend it’s spaghetti. Not really sure about that yet but I will try anything once. And I’m really not sure about that spaghetti squash. I’ve never been real big on strange and new fruits and veggies. That reminds me, I meant to get some plantains. I’ve always wondered what they taste like. There’s a recipe where you can squish them and fry them.

I can do anything for 30 days! It will be fun!!



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