Getting Ready for Whole30

I went to Whole Foods today to get all my food and came home with a ton of food and spent way too much money. I wanted to be sure and have everything I would need for a few meals and some snacks but I don’t want anything to go bad so I really hope I didn’t buy too much.

I cut up my veggies for snacking and made some salsa. I thought about making some guacamole but it’s best when fresh so I decided I would wait until tomorrow. I did look at the recipe though and I realized I didn’t buy enough tomatoes for salsa and guac. So I guess that will wait a few days. I actually may just try adding salsa to the avocado and mixing it up and see how that works. It’s basically all the same ingredients. It was a lot of work and I’m glad I don’t have to do it very often but it will be great when I need something quick.

Next I need to come up with a whole week of meals. Backwards I know. I should have come up with the meals and then shopped. But since I’m not a good planner, this will hopefully work out. I have shrimp and a whole chicken that will need to be cooked this week. Tomorrow I’ll look for recipes and cook the chicken and maybe the shrimp. I’ve got a spaghetti squash that needs to be cooked too so maybe shrimp over the squash. There is a sweet potato hash that is recommended for breakfast so I’ll make some of that too. Thankfully I’m off tomorrow so I’ll have time to do more.

I’m a little nervous about starting this because I know there will be times when temptation will be strong and a hard day will call out for a glass of wine but I just keep telling myself “I can do anything for 30 days”.


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