Day 2 – 28 to go

I woke up feeling pretty good but by 10:00am I had a slight headache and so pooped. It’s about 9:30pm now and I’m exhausted and my headache is no better. I know it’s all normal and will pass though.

For breakfast I had leftover roasted potatoes and bacon. I was supposed to have fruit but forgot to take it to work. For lunch I had leftover spaghetti and I ended up needing a snack around 3:00. I had some jicima sticks and salsa and ate about 4 slices but it just wasn’t doing the trick. Then I remembered I had a Lara bar. It was really good. Nothing but cashews and dates. Crazy those 2 ingredients could be so good together. Then for supper I had a salad with all the cut up vegetables I was going to have for a snack and I topped it with some leftover rotisserie chicken. It was really good but didn’t seem to fill me up. I tried pushing through it but ended up fixing some kale chips. Good but still didn’t fill the void.

I’m thinking shrimp tomorrow night. I’ll have to search for recipes to see what sounds good. I also may need to go back to the grocery store already. They’re talking about snow on Friday and here in the south, that means probably no getting around until it melts and I don’t want to be left without anything I can eat!!

For now, I’m going to bed and tomorrow is going to be easier because I can do anything.


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