Day 3 – 27 To Go

It’s late and I’m tired and ready to go to bed so this will be quick. On top of being tired, I still have a slight headache. It’s not horrible though so I’ll live. Not really noticing a lot of other symptoms but I hear tomorrow and Friday I may be cranky. We’ll see.

Same old breakfast, roasted potatoes, bacon and this time I didn’t forget my banana. Same old lunch, spaghetti. For supper, we had peppers and onions cooked in my rotisserie (trying to imitate the grill) with shrimp sauteed in ghee and then topped with lemon juice. It would have been so much better with garlic :(. I also had some sauteed kale. It was pretty good but the shrimp was a little tough because my husband is always afraid of under cooking meat but it still had pretty good flavor to it.

My husband was sweet enough to make me some sweet potato hash for tomorrow’s breakfast and there’s about 3 servings of that so it’ll be that and bacon for a few days. Still needing to go to the store in case of snow on Friday. Maybe tomorrow.


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