Day 6 – 24 To Go

We woke up to some snow and a lot of ice so it was a lazy day around the house. I felt pretty good this morning up until about 10:30 or 11:00 and then I got so sleepy I could hardly keep my eyes open. So it was a big let down to feel so awake for a change and then it just go away. I’m not discouraged though. I expect things to change and get better and maybe get worse. I’m told my loose pants this week will probably be tight again next week. That’s one reason why they tell you not to weigh throughout the Whole30. It’s mostly because Whole30 isn’t about losing weight but rather about changing the way you eat and think about food. But for me, I know I would obsess over it so I think it’s a good rule.

I made butternut squash soup today but I never got to eat it. I actually didn’t eat much at all today. Some friends had cabin fever from being couped up so we went to Applebee’s around 4. I almost said we couldn’t go since I knew eating would be a challenge but I was more interested in getting out and spending time with friends. It was a total disaster for me and by the end, I was wishing we hadn’t gone. I ordered a hamburger with no bun, cheese, pickles, bacon and asked that the hamburger be made with no spices. I also ordered a salad, instead of fries, with vinegar and oil and of course no cheese or croutons. The only thing the waitress got right was my water. The hamburger came out with the bun, pickles and fries and the waitress was not 100% sure the meat was cooked with no spices so she took it back to make sure. The salad came out with cheese, croutons and ranch dressing on the side. After she brought the salad back, I discovered it had spinach on it. I felt so frustrated and really felt like crying. Gosh, I’m so negative tonight. I think I’ll write what I ate today and go to bed, lol.

Breastfast was bacon and apples sauteed in ghee with cinnamon. They were really good. I ended up not eating lunch. One, because nothing sounded good and two, because time just got away from me. Supper was what I had above. Oh, when we got home from Applebee’s I had a small cup of my butternut squash soup. It will be lunch for tomorrow.

I just realized I have to plan my menu tomorrow and go to the store. Yuck. That’s the hardest part for me because I’m not a planner. Maybe I’ll go through some recipes tonight.




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