Day 8 – 22 To Go

I had a pretty good day today. Very busy at work and that always makes the day go by faster but I had some employee issues to deal with and that is always so draining. After I got off work, I had to rush home so we could go to friends and watch Bama play. The game is still on and it’s anyone’s game at this point. This is THE only sport I watch. Actually Alabama football is the only sport I watch. (ROLL TIDE!)

Like going out to eat, I was kind of dreading going to a football party and not being able to munch on all the goodies and have a glass of wine but it was really ok. I took some leftover butternut squash soup and the leftover tostones with salsa and guacamole. The tostones weren’t that great because they were very hard and I can’t eat anything too hard because of my braces. Seems like it’s always something keeping me from enjoying food. I also ate some veggies off of the vegetable tray and they were ok but not being able to dip in ranch makes for a boring snack.

For breakfast I had my homemade ground chicken breakfast sausage and leftover sauteed apples. The sausage wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t bad. I’ll make it with ground pork next time for sure. For lunch I had leftover steak, baked potato and salad. While eating my salad, the Tessamae Cracked Pepper dressing was in front of me so I started reading the label again. Not quite sure how I missed it when I bought the stuff but it has garlic in it. It’s ok really. I’ll just have to reintroduce it later than everything else. But now I know I have to make my own dressing. I used to mix lime juice with olive oil and Jane’s crazy mixed up salt. SO good! But Jane’s has garlic in it. I’ll use the recipe out of Whole30 to make a vinegrette and I’ll have to omit the garlic.

I need to figure out what I will have for breakfast. Meat is covered and I have fruit but not sure what else I can do. I have an avocado I need to eat too. It just feels like I need a vegetable. I’ll figure it out tomorrow. It’s bedtime.


One thought on “Day 8 – 22 To Go”

  1. I know how hard this is for you to do. I also know how strong and determined you are!! Knowing you as I do, you will make it thru this with flying colors!! I’m always amazed at your willpower and extremely proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! L.U.


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