Day 12 – 18 To Go

I woke up late today. Really late. I never even felt my Fitbit vibrate. I was having a very vivid dream and sleeping so good. All that good sleep and I’m still feeling fatigued. I have noticed I’m not aching all over though so that’s good. I really need to pay more attention during the day as to exactly how tired I am. I’m just so used to it, I don’t really think about it unless I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open. I’ve had some breakthrough heartburn today. It’s not bad but I am belching and that’s when I feel it. If all this good eating doesn’t fix that problem, I don’t know what I’ll do.

My pulmonologist sent me a pulsox because the last one was borderline low oxygen level. I’m hoping all this good eating and no alcohol will make my numbers all be normal. It’ll be a while before I hear anything though. If not, I’ll have to use oxygen when I sleep. I’ve done it before and the machine is loud and all the tubes wake me up. Plus it gives me nose bleeds.

For breakfast I had bacon and apples sauteed in butter with pecans. Gary fixes my breakfast for me and he forgot the cinnamon. They weren’t bad but the cinnamon sure does make a difference. I forgot to plan ahead for lunch and didn’t have leftovers so I had my backup meal which was sandwich meat with lettuce and I thought guac but my avocado had gone bad so it was kind of plain. I also ended up eating a Lara bar and pumpkin seeds. For supper, we went to On Tap Sports bar and grille with some friends. I was prepared and took my own dressing (lemon juice and olive oil with salt and pepper) and a few veggies to add to my side salad. I also took mustard and pickles for my bunless hamburger. It was ok but it was hard eating my bland food while everyone enjoyed their yummy looking food. The only other thing I had today was some Kombucha. That could be what is causing my heartburn.

Getting closer to the halfway point! I can do it!!


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