Day 18 – 12 To Go

12 days to go. That’s less than 2 weeks. It’s a week and 5 days. I’ll be really excited when it gets down to single digits. I normally don’t like wishing time away but this is different. It’s the countdown to an accomplishment. And for me, it will be a huge accomplishment. I can tell it is changing the way I think about food and it will make me appreciate the foods I will alter in order to remain compliant with ingredients, meaning I will eat pancakes but they won’t be made with milk and pancake mix. Or brownies with milk and flour. I’ll use ingredients like bananas and almond flour and I will enjoy those things because I will remember what it was like when I couldn’t have anything for breakfast but potatoes and bacon. Or drinking coffee with nothing but homemade cashew “milk” in it.

I’m also finally learning to make things easier on myself when going out. We went to a restaurant tonight and I took my supper and drank water. I don’t think the waitress liked it but then again, she didn’t seem too happy about anything. I’m also getting used to not drinking and watching everyone else drink. I’m still thinking about what to do about that after the 30 days is over. I know I should probably just stay away from it but there is nothing like a glass of wine after a hard day at work.

For breakfast I had chicken/apple sausage with sauteed apples and pecans. Lunch was leftover chicken and sweet potato fries. Gary made me chili today so that was supper. It didn’t feel like I swallowed a brick this time. I think I’ll make the other recipe the next time and see if it does it again. If it does, I’ll try again later by eliminating an ingredient.

I really hate to write about this again but I had another headache today. I hate to write about it because it makes me feel like a complainer. But then I remember that this blog is for me to keep track of the foods I eat and any side effects or symptoms I have. I still don’t think the headaches are related to the food I’m eating but wondering if it is actually stress or rather something else. That’s what I said yesterday. But it’s been raining all day so I wonder if it’s the weather or a change in barometric pressure. I don’t know. But I’ll keep up with it and look back later and see if I see a pattern like sweet potatoes maybe.

Tomorrow is Friday and that means 11 days to go. I can do anything for 11 days!


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