Day 19 – 11 To Go

It’s the weekend, yay!! Just one weekend left after this one. I’m really more excited about getting to weigh and measure than I am about anything. Adding food back will be a slow process and food choices will still be limited but just knowing how much I’m down will be fun and exciting!

Another headache today. I usually have a hard time pinpointing where they are but this one today was in the back at the base of my skull. I looked it up and that is a stress headache. I don’t feel stressed at work so I don’t know. I’ll be curious if I get one tomorrow. A couple of Excedrin did the trick though.

For breakfast I had bacon and sauteed potatoes and onions. Gary packed me some grapes today so I snacked on those all day. Lunch was leftover chicken and sweet potato fries. That was the last of those. For supper, Gary made a roast with potatoes, onions and carrots. He usually likes to use Lipton onion soup mix and lots of garlic but this time was just salt, pepper, onion powder and beef broth. Really good!

I wore a shirt today that I haven’t worn in quite a while because it squeezed me to death. The sleeves were always tight and it was tight across my chest. Today it was loose and comfortable so it was a non-scale victory for sure! My jeans don’t feel much looser but I know they were pretty tight so maybe they’re looser but just not baggy yet.

Can’t wait to start pulling out some more of my favorite clothes!


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