Day 20 – 10 To Go

We had a very busy and social day today and I resisted all temptations. We had a chili cookoff during lunch and I took my own chili and a Kombuchi and then a bunch of friends came over tonight and we grilled and sat by the fire pit. Everyone (but me) was drinking and most everybody had hotdogs (I love a good hotdog!). I drank water and ate a hamburger patty with mustard and some sweet potato fries. For a snack I had grapes and sunflower seeds while everyone else had chips and dip. Knowing that I only have 10 days to go made it so easy to resist any temptation. But really there wasn’t much temptation. I no longer crave sugar and with my head hurting all week, it wasn’t hard to not even think about drinking.

Speaking of headaches. I was looking forward to not having a headache today but I woke up with one. I took some Excedrin early and it eased up a little but not much. Later in the afternoon, I took some more and it finally got to where I barely noticed it. Sitting outside around that fire, the smoke finally got to me and made it hurt more so I came inside. I’m really hoping whatever is causing them gets better soon.

So for breakfast I had bacon with hashbrowns that I made with my spiralizer. It’s just the potatoes, onion and bell pepper sauteed in ghee until they’re brown. They turned out really good and I was happy for the change, even if a small one. As mentioned above, I had chili for lunch and the hamburger with sweet potato fries for supper.

It’s 11:00pm and I’m tired and ready for bed. Single digits from here on out! 🙂


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