Day 21 – 9 To Go

Another day, another headache. One day I think it’s stress and the next day I think it’s my sinuses. I woke up with this one today so I took Excedrin early. Later I took a sinus pill. A little later after that I took more Excedrin. It’s eased up but still there. I don’t know how people with chronic headaches deal with this every day. Anyway, this one is over my left eye. I looked that up and it said sinus infection. I’m blowing green so that makes sense. Gary has some Keflex so I’m thinking I may take it. I don’t have time to be sick and/or go to the doctor.

We had a very lazy day today. We literally laid around and watched TV and took a nap. It was a good day for it since it rained almost all day. Heavy storms at times. The bad thing about being lazy is that I probably didn’t eat enough. I also didn’t prep any food.

I’ve hit the single digits, which is what I’ve been looking forward to. But I keep getting confused with the number of days I have left. I started on a Monday and I keep thinking I should end on a Monday. But 30 days won’t be up until the 31st, which is on a Tuesday. So one more weekend left and then 2 days. I’m in the home stretch!!

I can do anything for 9 days!


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