Day 23 – 7 To Go

One week to go! That’s 21 meals. It seems like it’s been forever since I started this journey but then again it has kind of gone by fast. I still keep thinking about the first thing I’m going to add back. I’ve been saying all along it would be eggs but I think my husband is right, I should add garlic back first. It’s literally in everything, especially when you go out, so it makes sense. Next will be eggs whites and then the yellows. Then almonds and then coconut. Those are the main things that came back as possible allergies in my blood test for the doctor. So technically, I will still be adhering to Whole30. Although, I just thought of alcohol. It would be nice to go out and be able to enjoy a glass of wine with everyone. But it’s probably best I don’t do that. I should probably make that my next challenge. Stay away from alcohol for another 30 days. Hmmm…

For breakfast I had the bacon and sauteed apples and cinnamon that I didn’t get to have yesterday. For lunch I had the fantastic pork tenderloin left over from last night along with the amazing asparagus (although it was a little tough) and mashed potatoes. For supper, I used the same spices from the tenderloin and put them on chicken thighs and I cooked it on the stove the whole time instead of moving it to the oven after it browned. I also added it to some sliced cabbage and roasted it in the oven. It was good but a little bit of the spices goes a long way. I also used the whole tsp of cumin, where I used 1/2 on the tenderloin. I think 1/2 may be plenty. But it was still delicious!

Part of what I’m supposed to do on this blog is to journal how I’m feeling. Thankfully there is no headache! One of the main things I hoped for was for the exhaustion to go away. It has not. I’m not aching all over though so that’s good! I guess my quest to figure out why I’m tired all the time will continue! Oh, I almost forgot, another thing is I didn’t take my Prilosec yesterday and I could tell a little but I survived. I took it today but I will try not taking it tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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