Day 25 – 5 To Go

Today was a crappy day at work so I’ve ended up with a slight headache. Not bad but it’s there. I went to a girls night out at Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of Harley friends and had a great time. I took some Kumbacha so that made me feel like I was having a drink with everyone. Silly, I know.

For breakfast I had bacon and sweet potato fries. For lunch I had leftover salmon, kale and butternut squash. I ended up saving some of the sweet potato fries from breakfast though and I ate those instead of the squash. For supper, I ordered a Caesar side salad with nothing but the lettuce. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get a salad with spinach in it. Good thing too because someone across from me got a regular salad and it had spinach in it. I took some leftover chicken and some balsamic vinegar and oil dressing. It was pretty good and a nice change.

Someone took a picture and sadly, I still look like a cow. It’s amazing how I don’t feel as big as I look in the pictures. I do have on a poncho type shirt, but there’s bigness under there alright. What is it about the brain that makes you think you look thinner when looking down at yourself or in the mirror than when you see yourself in a picture? What’s even crazier is that I know I haven’t lost that much weight so why would I magically look thinner after just 25 days?

I had a dry patch come up on my face today. The only skin problem I usually have is dry skin in the winter, but never on my face. Hopefully it won’t stay around.

I can do anything for 5 days!!!



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