Day 26 – 4 To Go

Same old, same old. I’m tired as usual but thankfully no headache. I’m really pumped about only having 4 days to go though. My rings are no longer tight and my engagement ring is actually very loose and just twirls around on my finger. So that’s a non-scale victory. Unless I lose it of course. Also, I didn’t take my Prilosec again today and I hardly noticed!

I remembered today that I accidentally ate garlic when first starting this thing (it was in my dressing and somehow I missed that very important ingredient) so eggs will be my first food to reintroduce! Then almonds. I’ll have to figure out when I had the garlic last and count from there to make sure it’s 30 days out. If needed, coconut will be next. Otherwise it will be garlic.

For breakfast today I had bacon and sweet potato fries. I made sure to save some fries for lunch and I had the rest of the pork tenderloin. It was a little drier today but still good. We met my daughter and son-in-law at Applebees and I was prepared. I took some chicken, sunflower seeds and my dressing and I ordered a side caesar salad (again to make sure there was no spinach in it). I have to brag on my sweet husband again. We were texting about what I would eat tonight and I told him I would order the salad but thought I would just take some sandwich meat to put on it. But then I said what I really wanted was some baked chicken to put on it. I assumed he would just buy a breast but instead he had Publix roast one “naked,” as he calls it. It was so tender and good. He told me he had to wait like 25 minutes minutes for them to do that. I am indeed a lucky woman!

We have to get up early tomorrow to drive over an hour to get our next foster dog so I’m going to bed. I’ll post a picture of her soon!


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