Day 27 – 3 To Go

It’s been a crazy busy day but I managed to stay on plan. I was up by 5:00 to drive to Hartselle, AL to get our new foster dog, Macy. I took a Lara bar and that was breakfast. We got back to the house and immediately left for my daughter’s and son-in-laws that live an hour away. They are getting ready to put their house on the market so I helped her paint and Gary helped stretch their carpet to get a hump out of it. I realized I did not take any food with me so Gary went and got some hamburger to make me a hamburger patty and I made some baked fries.

I had girls night out tonight and had a great time. First we went to get manis and pedis. Then we went to get some dinner. We had an hour wait but it was worth it. It’s hard watching everyone drink and not even being able to have a glass of wine but I survived. Thankfully, we went to a pretty nice restaurant and I was able to order off of the menu. I just pray the cooks did as I asked and left any butter or garlic off. And I hope there’s nothing else on it that I didn’t think of. Anyway, I had grilled salmon, broccoli and asparagus. The broccoli and asparagus were sauteed in EVOO.

After that we went to a tattoo parlor and my friend, Jeanette, got her ears pierced. It was really funny watching her but after that I was ready to go. My friend Tina was getting a tattoo and I felt bad but I just couldn’t stay. I’m off to bed now.

3 more days! I can do anything for 3 days!!!


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