Whole30 Busted

I go through 30 days of torture trying to get healthy and then I find out I didn’t actually stay compliant the whole 30 days. I’m crushed and so disappointed. We’re cooking supper tonight and I’m emptying the bone broth into the green beans, when some little white pieces come out. I knew it was garlic. I started reading the ingredients and sure enough there’s garlic. But that’s not all. There was also organic sugar. I have no idea how often or how much we used that broth but it doesn’t matter. I didn’t successfully complete Whole30.

Funny thing just happened though. As I was typing the above paragraph, we were watching the TV show, Moms. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about a mom and daughter who are recovering alcoholics. They accidentally ate some marijuana brownies and they were freaking out because they thought their years of sobriety were shot and they would have to start all over again. Their sponsor came in and told them it was an accident and they did not lose their sobriety. Pretty ironic if you ask me. While I don’t feel I truly completed Whole30, it was an accident. I lost 9 pounds and have other non scale victories. It just kills me that I missed that. I’ve read every label for 30 days. How did I miss that? And why is there sugar in bone broth anyway?

Moving on…I had chicken apple sausage with sauteed apples and pecans for breakfast. Lunch was left in the fridge this morning but my sweet and thoughtful husband brough it to me and even stopped to get me some lettuce. So lunch was leftover steak, baked potato, sauteed kale and a salad. For supper we had a hobo burger with tainted green beans and sweet potato fries.

Ending on a YAHOO!! note, I weighed again this morning and was down another 1 1/2 pounds. I weighed because of eating the egg yolks yesterday. I wanted to make sure I didn’t gain any weight. I was going to eat the egg whites tomorrow but since I had garlic tonight, I guess I’ll wait and see how the next 24 hours go. I’m just going to pretend the sugar wasn’t there. sigh…


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