Garlic. My Secret Boyfriend.

My heartburn last night was getting pretty bad so I took an OTC Prilosec. They’re fewer mg than my prescription (which is 40mg) so I thought it would help ween me off of them. This morning it was ok but got worse as the morning went on so I ended up taking one of my prescription pills. That got rid of it but I’ve still been burping all day. So the big question is, was it the garlic I ate last night or just my stomach craving the Prilosec? I think this is why they say not to make too many changes at one time. I’ll talk to my doctor on Tuesday and see what she says I should do.

My love for garlic runs deep. You look in our spice cabinet and you’ll find garlic salt, a couple of garlic powders, Jane’s Crazy Garlic, Regular Jane’s (which has garlic), garlic infused olive oil and then there’s another bottle of some sort of garlic oil. And there are other spice mixes that contain garlic. I have no doubt I can survive without garlic but I don’t want to. I love it. It’s like dating a bad boy. You know he’s bad for you but you love him and you don’t want to lose him. In my case, I’m not sure if he’s really bad yet or not but the thought of not ever seeing him again is hard to accept. And then there’s going out to eat. I’ve learned over the last 30 days that getting anything in a restaurant that is garlic free is just about impossible. So it’s like seeing the bad boyfriend anytime you go out to eat. You can’t lose him!

I think I’ll try the egg whites tomorrow. At least if I can tolerate eggs, I can make sauces, dressings and have something else to eat for breakfast. Today for breakfast I just had bacon. I just couldn’t stand the thought of any of my usual foods. For lunch I had my leftover hobo burger and sweet potato fries. I was going to eat a salad but forgot. For supper, we sat here for a couple of hours before going in the kitchen to stare in the refrigerator. We ended up making taco meat and I put that in a microwaved bell pepper along with some kale that I sauteed in the taco meat. I then topped it with avocado. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever eaten but it filled me up.

Why couldn’t I have been born with a skinny gene?


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