Trying New Things

Today was the day to try new things. For breakfast I had pancakes make with gluten free pancake mix from Young Living. They weren’t totally paleo friendly because there was oat flour in them but that’s ok. I’m not sticking to paleo 100% and I plan to indulge every now and then so I’m considering that my indulgance for the week. They were not easy to make because it called for everything under the sun but they weren’t bad. I think what made them taste a little off was the ghee. It gave them a bit of a nutty flavor. The maple syrup was delicious though.

I then tried making some mayonnaise. I found a simple 3 ingredient recipe. Olive oil, egg and lemon juice. I don’t have an emulsifier so I used my food processor. Instructions didn’t give any specifics on how much to mix or how fast or anything but it was pure liquid. I think I should have pulsed it maybe.

Lastly, I made homemade sloppy joes. We didn’t really have anything in there to eat but we did have some ground hamburger so I kept digging for recipes until I found one we would eat and where we had all of the ingredients. I didn’t notice until everything was in there that it said to cook for 2-3 hours (longer if able). I cooked it for probably an hour and then ate them on top of my sweet potato fries. I thought they were pretty good but my husband said it was missing a little something. I think it was that they didn’t cook long enough.

The only other thing I ate today that I didn’t mention above was bacon with my pancakes and roasted broccoli with the sloppy joes. I never ate lunch again because I really wasn’t hungry and we really didn’t have anything to eat for lunch. I know that’s not good but I think it’s partly because I’m getting bored with our food. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest today pinning recipes. I still don’t think I found anything that will become one of our new favorite foods.

This is my 3rd day without Prilosec. I was feeling it a good bit earlier but have been fine since. No other symptoms or problems. Yay!!

Tomorrow, I need to see how I can add coconut into my diet somewhere. I think I have coconut crystals in there. Maybe I’ll try putting that in my coffee.


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