Time to Add Almonds Back

It’s been a few days since I added coconut back so I think it’s time to add something else. I have decided it will be almonds. I considered spinach since that is a common ingredient in restaurant salads but almonds would allow so much more. There’s almond milk, almond butter, whole almonds as a snack and roasted almonds. Those are especially good on a salad.

We’re going to a Mexican restaurant Saturday night for a friend’s birthday and I’m kind of apprehensive about it. No margaritas. No chips and salsa. No cheese dip. I should be thinking ahead of what I could take to snack on. And I need to figure out what I will eat for my meal. No matter what it is, it will have garlic in it. I’ve about resigned myself to the fact that garlic will be one of the things I have to watch out for. It seems to give me the burps and makes me feel bloated.

Speaking of bloated, my stomach has been making some loud gurgling sounds tonight. Not sure why since I haven’t added anything new. Could be from supper I guess but that didn’t happen when I ate it the other night. I had another headache earlier but took some Excedrin and it pretty much went away. And I’ve been super irritable today. Maybe Friday will fix that.

For breakfast I had bacon and scrambled eggs. Lunch was leftover chicken and sauteed kale. We had our HOG meeting tonight so I took leftover kraut and chicken apple sausage with green beans. Everyone brought dishes for the meal tonight and everything on that table was either cheese or gluten. So I’m glad I took my own food. There was a fruit tray so I was able to eat some grapes!

Looking forward to the weekend!


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