Almonds Added

It wasn’t alot but I had almonds in a key lime Lara Bar earlier in the day. I will say that the key lime flavor is not my favorite. Really kind of disappointed considering how much I love key lime pie. I probably missed the point but oh well.

I weighed this morning and was up .2 from the last time I weighed, which I think was last Friday. I’ll weigh again Wednesday and see what it says. Wednesday should be when I weigh anyway. If there is no weight loss then I’ll need to lay off the gluten free pancakes and homemade chocolate.

Today I had bacon and boiled eggs for breakfast. For lunch it was leftover porkchop, roasted zucchini and sweet potato fries. For supper, I found a website for a a recipe builder. You enter all the ingredients and it gives you recipes that contain all the ingredients you enter. It’s called I chose a recipe called Beef Cabbage Hash. Ingredients are hamburger, onion, cabbage and potatoes. It called for water but I used beef broth and I added salt, pepper and onion powder. I’m still avoiding garlic or I would have added that too. It was ok but seemed to be missing something. The good thing is that it had everything I needed. Protein, vegetables and a healthy fat (olive oil). The hubs seemed to enjoy it. He added garlic and ate with crackers. Interesting.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.


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