Time to Buckle Down

Two things happened today. I gained 1/2 of a pound and my pulmonologist called to say I have to go back on oxygen when sleeping. It was hard enough seeing the scale go up instead of down but then to find out I need oxygen was just heart breaking. I’ve been trying so hard and doing so good and then poof!

In the grand scheme of things, my problems are miniscule. They are nothing to get upset about. Maybe it’s that I had two setbacks in one day. And who knows, maybe the oxygen will finally help with my fatigue. Nothing else seems to be working.

What I need to do now is buckle down and lose the weight and continue to get healthy. What I don’t need to do is let this, or anything else, get me down and get into my head and make me feel like I might as well give up. That’s what I usually do. I eat all the wrong foods and as much as I want. But not anymore. This blog is going to keep me motivated and keep me accountable.

Food today was bacon and sweet potato fries for breakfast and leftover bacon wrapped shrimp with peppers and onion and roasted potatoes for lunch. For supper, we made paleo friendly chicken nuggets (that were really good) along with mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus. Also, for the first time since January 1, I had alcohol. I had some kombucha over ice with a splash of vodka. Surprisingly, I didn’t get wasted since it’s been so long. I was so bummed from the day that I succumbed. That’s probably the worst reason to do it but it’s done.

I can do anything that I put my mind to.


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