So Much On My Mind

Let’s see. I weighed this morning and I’ve lost 4 pounds since I weighed on February 1. It’s not a ton of weight but it is progress. And slow progress is better than no progress. I’ve always heard losing weight slow is better. This progress (or lack thereof) does not help me decide whether to keep track of my food via the Fitbit app or continue doing it on this blog. The app is appealing because of ease of use and I’m also sure people have no interest in what I ate for the day. But then again this has been for me the whole time anyway. So I still don’t know.

I’m really tired today and I hate to admit it that it could be because I couldn’t use my oxygen last night. I woke up around 11:00 with water coming through my tube into my nose. Kind of scary when you consider I could have literally drowned. I called the company and they said it could be because there is too much humidity in the room and/or because the tubing is too long. My husband drained the tube today and we won’t run the room humidifier tonight and we’ll see how that goes. But It does really feel like I’m less tired. Funny how I didn’t notice I was less tired.

We’ve been getting really bored with food lately. I keep saying I’m going to find recipes for things we used to eat a lot but I never seem to have time. I have been thinking about fajitas a lot though so today I did look that up. I found a recipe that was pretty good. I felt like it was missing something but he really liked it. I also found a recipe for paleo wraps so I was able to actually have fajitas. They weren’t too bad. Not a lot of taste but then again, regular fajita wraps don’t either. Of course I don’t fully read the recipe to know that the meat should have been marinated for at least 1 hour and it was meant to be grilled. We just did it in a skillet and it was fine. Add some potato chips for the salt I crave and it was perfect.

For breakfast I had bacon and scrambled eggs again. Another meal that I need to do some recipe searching for. Lunch was leftover hobo burger and broccoli. I also had a few pieces of my homemade chocolate. Yum!!

My goal this week is to stay off of the scale until Wednesday. I can do anything!!!


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