Not Much Here

I slept pretty good with the oxygen last night. No water in the nose so no near-drowning experience. I woke up a couple of times but no biggy. I seem to have more energy at work and I also feel more focused. Which is really good considering how busy I am these days. It’s so hard to work when you can’t concentrate and stay on task.

Having trouble concentrating tonight though. I keep getting sidetracked and can’t think of anything I need to add.  So for breakfast I had bacon and boiled eggs. Lunch was leftover fajitas. We had our monthly meet & eat tonight with the HOG family. We went to a bbq restaurant. I ended up getting bbq chicken with the sauce on the side, green beans and cabbage. It was really good. And something different!

Looking forward to the weekend. Hoping to get some housework and yardwork done. Burn some calories! Maybe even take a dog or two for a walk.


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