Going Off Plan

We had a busy day today but I managed to stay on plan for breakfast and lunch. I ate bacon and fried eggs for breakfast then we left a little after 8 and drove over 160 miles to get 3 puppies into the rescue that I volunteer for. I was tempted to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel but we came on home. I then heated up the veggies and bacon wrapped shrimp from last night and it was still good today, even heated up.

Supper was a different story. We met friends at the local sushi restaurant and I ordered off the hibachi. Teriyaki chicken with vegetables and fried rice. I don’t even want to know what’s in it. It was good and I’m not sorry. I also had a glasss of chardonnay. I’m a little bit sorry about that but only because I’m so stopped up now, I can’t breathe. But that could also be from the hot tub. After we got home from our road trip, we worked in the yard and really needed the hot tub to soothe the sore muscles. It was a little chilly and the wind was blowing a cold mist right in my face. So it could have been that. I was stopped up yesterday too and sneezing all day.

But back to the teriyaki chicken and glass of wine. I realize I can’t live my life in a bubble and when faced with a situation or an opportunity, I will roll with it. I can’t imagine turning down going out with friends because I can’t eat what is there. I’ll get back on track tomorrow and stay there. Because I can do anything!


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