Getting Active

I didn’t use my oxygen last night because my nose was so stopped up and I felt it today. My Fitbit also showed I was up half the night but I only remember waking up a couple of times. But I didn’t let that stop me today. We started cleaning early, went to Sam’s, washed the car, prepared food for my kids to come over, cooked, cleaned up and washed clothes. I’m on the couch now and feeling the effects from the lack of sleep and a busy day. But it was a good day. I always feel so accomplished when getting so much done. And to top it off, I got to see my kids and their families.

Another great thing about getting so much done is that it gives me more steps. I’m over 7,000 right now. A little over 6,000 yesterday. That doesn’t sound like much but I typically only get about 3,000 so it’s definitely better. I keep saying I’m going to do this and do that to get more active but I haven’t made a commitment to do any particular thing yet. I have to be ready or I won’t stick to it so it’s ok.

We ran out of bacon Friday night when we had bacon wrapped shrimp so for breakfast this morning I had some of that homemade sausage. It has been in the freezer so it was still good. I also had fried eggs. It was a nice change. We were so busy that I never ate lunch today. I just had a handful of chips. We grilled hamburgers tonight. I also made roasted potatoes and asparagus (my daughter-in-law loves it). It was pretty good but the meat we buy is so lean that the meat ends up kind of dry.

Making a goal to walk at least 4,500 steps tomorrow. I can do anything!!


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