Another Month Down

Well, another month down. I won’t weight until tomorrow though. I always weigh on Wednesday for some reason. I haven’t lost very much yet and I’m sure it won’t be much more this week but I guess any loss is better than nothing.

I’ve been really exhausted today. Even more than usual.  I woke up once with my oxygen cannula on my forehead and there’s no telling how long it had been there. I also had a slight headache when I first woke up so I’m guessing it was for quite a while. I’ve also had trouble with brain fog a lot lately. Not understanding stuff and forgetting what I’m doing. I haven’t really been cheating that bad and I haven’t added anything new back so it’s kind of weird that I would be experiencing all this.

Today I had sauteed apples and pecans for breakfast and 2 hard boiled eggs. We finally found the sugar free bacon tonight at Publix in a different city. For lunch I had leftover chicken and I made fresh sweet potato fries at work. Tonight we went out with friends and had all you can eat steamed shrimp. I also had new potatoes and green beans. I was smart and remembered to take some sugar free ketchup and I asked for horseradish and made my own cocktail sauce. I took some ghee and got them to leave butter off of my potatoes. Doing things like that makes me feel like I’m not having to compromise all the time. I just have to plan ahead. Oh, I almost forgot. I had 2 glasses of wine.



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