Another Month Down

It’s been another month and I’m another 5.1 lbs down. Not great but it’s better than a gain. And like they say…I didn’t gain it over night and I won’t lose it over night. That puts me at a total of about 24 lbs. I had already lost 10 lbs before the new year, 9+ lbs in January and 5.1 in February. So not too bad!

One non-scale victory is that I’m very close to being off of Prilosec. I’m in week 3 and in the process of dropping it to 2 days this week. It’s amazing something so commonly prescribed by doctors can be so damaging and hard to get off of. It shows the sign of the times where doctors over medicate instead of looking for the root cause. There should be laws against it or better guidelines or something.

I’m ready for bed so I’m jumping right into my meals for today. We finally got some bacon so for breakfast I had bacon and scrambled eggs. Of course lunch was leftovers from last night…steamed shrimp, new potatoes and green beans. For supper we made some of that chick-fil-a chicken nuggets and had that in a salad. For some reason, it didn’t fry up nice and crispy. Not sure if it’s because I just used arrowroot flour or what. The last recipe I found also used cassava flour. Next time, I’ll add that too. It wasn’t enough to coat all the chicken anyway so that will help it go further.


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