Non-Scale Victory

I didn’t measure yesterday when I weighed so I did it today. I also did what I know I shouldn’t do and I weighed again. I was down another .3 lbs, which doesn’t sound like a lot but it put me down into the next number, which is always fun.

My measurements showed me down another 4″. I can tell it too. Some of my pants fit now and others are getting too big. I wore some leggings today with a cute tunic that my daughter got me for my birthday in October. I couldn’t wear it before because I had too many rolls and lumps and bumps. Truth be told, I probably should have waited a few more lbs but I couldn’t. My boots were extremely tight but luckily they were a saggy type of boots that I was able to push down from the tightest part of my calf and they were fine. It was fun dressing up for a change.

For breakfast I had bacon and hard boiled eggs. For lunch I went to Organic Harvest for their Hot Bar. I had turkey tenderloin with roasted sweet potatoes and roasted zucchini. The turkey was too hot for my taste because of pepper and the zucchini was sliced big so it was not quite like I like it. The sweet potatoes were good though. We had a HOG officer meeting tonight so we went to Applebee’s before the meeting. I checked their allergy menu and ordered salmon, sweet potato fries and broccoli. I also had 1 glass of Chardonnay.


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