Fun With Friends

Yay for the weekend! I enjoyed time tonight with sweet friends. We went to Chili’s for our friend, Gloria’s, birthday. I was able to find a sirloin with grilled avocado and a fresco salad (whatever that is). Whatever it is, it finally added spinach back to my diet so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t expect it will do anything but I should know soon enough. I also had one glass of wine. Seems to be a theme these days.

I woke up with a headache this morning. I took some Excedrin but it never quite went away until later in the day when I took 2 more Excedrin. I only had 1 glass of wine but it was Barefoot and I’m not a fan and that could be why. But that’s pretty much why I only had one glass tonight. I didn’t want to feel bad tomorrow.

I’ve got heartburn tonight but I can’t take my Prilosec tomorrow so I hope it goes away. In hindsight and after saying that out loud, that’s another reason why I shouldn’t have drank that glass of wine tonight. I know it doesn’t help it. I’ll take some coconut oil and hope that gets rid of it.

For breakfast I had bacon and scrambled eggs. Lunch was Organic Harvest again. This time I had roast and carrots, herb roasted cauliflower and creamed kale. I didn’t eat much of the kale though. I realized I didn’t check the sneeze guard to see whether it was paleo or not. Wondering if it had dairy in it. I also bought a couple of paleo cookies. They were divine!!

Heading off to bed. Busy day tomorrow.


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