Feeling Icky

I survived the party last night just fine. I didn’t drink too much so no hangover. I decided to drink Skinny Girl peach margaritas. No idea how much sugar was in there but I’m hoping it wasn’t a lot. Based on the name, it shouldn’t be, right?

Real quick, I had bacon and poached eggs for breakfast; no lunch and some of the most amazing chicken kabobs I’ve ever had. Also some roasted potatoes. I almost said I didn’t even taste any of the other amazing food but I did stick my finger in some of the wing sauce. I’m pretty sure the kabobs  had some sort of sauce that had sugar in it but with no other options, it was worth it.

We get up today and clean up some of the mess and then get ready to go on a bike ride. Back roads to a neighboring town to a chicken restaurant called Champy’s. Their specialty is fried chicken and tamales. I ended up getting sweet potato waffle fries, chicken on a stick (more kabobs) and green beans. The chicken was delicious but she said it was seasoned with cajun seasonings so VERY hot. I couldn’t even eat it all. I hate that I can’t eat spicy food. It’s so good!

We came home and got in the hottub to shake the chill off and ease some back pain that developed on the ride. It was fabulous! I had the rest of the Skinny Girl (about 2 glasses) and now I’m not feeling so hot. I’m so sleepy, I can’t keep my eyes open and I have a little bit of a headache.

We are in the process of cooking now. Fried hamburgers (no buns of course), zucchini and mashed potatoes. Not really hungry but I know I will be if I don’t eat something.

Due to a breakdown in communication I had leftover roasted potatoes instead of mashed potatoes. I’m now ready for bed but I do feel a little better. Hopefully my nap won’t keep me up half the night.


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