Quick Post

It’s after my bedtime and my head hurts from trying to find some tax breaks so this is a “just for me” post so that I can log what I ate today.

For breakfast I had bacon and boiled eggs. Lunch was a hodge podge of stuff. I had leftover roasted potatoes that I put in the toaster oven and they got too done so I couldn’t eat very many. The leftover roasted zucchini was delicious though. The meat is the weird part. I took a leftover hamburger patty but it was so dry I couldn’t eat it. I had some leftover chicken nuggets from last week so I heated those up and ate a little bit but the texture kept weirding me out. Then I ate 2 paleo cookies from the healthfood place I go to. They were the highlight of my day.

For supper I could not make up my mind what I wanted so I asked on Facebook what everyone else was having. A lot of good food out there but none of it was what I wanted (or could have). So I made some tuna fish salad and ate that on a tomato. I also made a stuffed egg. I put too much salt in that so it wasn’t as good as I hoped.

I weighed this morning and I was up a little but my official weigh in isn’t until Wednesday so I still have time to lose some weight. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have ate those cookies.


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