Fried Shrimp is New Favorite

Today was another lazy day. I felt fine but just didn’t feel like getting out and/or up and doing anything. I looked on Pinterest all day for landscaping ideas for our backyard and then I looked for fried shrimp recipes. I feel kind of bad about it but I never get to do that so I’ll get over it.

I weighed this morning and gained a little bit back. I didn’t write it down or do the math so I don’t know how much. Wednesday is the official weigh-in day anyway. I’m thinking it was probably the potatoes I ate last night. They were so good!!

For breakfast I had bacon and scrambled eggs. I thought about hashbrowns but I figured I didn’t need the potatoes again. I ended up not eating lunch again. Just too lazy to get up and  fix anything.

My sweet husband went to the store and bought us some shrimp and I had been wanting to try some paleo fried shrimp. Everything I found had coconut on it or some other ingredient that I didn’t have so I finally just made up my own recipe. I first put them in a couple of raw eggs. Then I mixed up some cassava flour, pepper, garlic powder and smoked paprika and dipped the shrimp in the flour mixture before I put them in the grease. We fried them until they were a crispy light brown color and then drained on paper towels. The smoked paprika was very subtle but so good. I believe I do like them this way better than bacon wrapped.

Time to watch Elementary and then straight to bed. Gotta get in bed on time so that hopefully I won’t wake up feeling more zombie-like than usual.


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