When Food Lets You Down

This post is from last night but it wouldn’t let me post it…

I was going to title this blog ” When You Crave a Food So Bad and It’s Not Nearly as Good as You Hoped For” but it was too long, and, I was let down so I guess the title is appropriate. I found a recipe the other day for paleo salmon croquettes and was devastated I hadn’t thought of them before now.

So I invited my daughter and son-in-law over for supper and set out to make salmon croquettes with mashed potatoes (a must with salmon croquettes) and roasted zucchini. Because my sweet husband is retired, he does most of the cooking. I’ll help do one or two things but he does most of everything and mashed potatoes are his thing. He was having his Tuesday night pool night so it was all up to me. My daughter helped prepare the zucchini and a few other things but it was pretty much all me.

First of all, I burned 3 trays of zucchini. Using the Pampered Chef bar pan is great but they will burn in a heartbeat if you aren’t careful. Luckily I had another zucchini. Then I over cooked the potatoes and they were too starchy. I put a little ghee in them and a splash of chicken broth and they were as creamy as we could get them without making potato soup. I didn’t think they tasted too bad though. The only thing that really turned out ok was the salmon but it just didn’t taste like I remembered. It was bland and tasteless. I’ll be searching for another recipe and hopefully I can improve on that. If it isn’t then salmon croquettes will just have to live in my memories.

Kind of backwards but for breakfast I had bacon and poached eggs. Note to self…we are out of eggs! For lunch I had left over chicken, cabbage and roasted potatoes.

Still exhausted. Have I mentioned how much I hate daylight savings time? Heartburn tonight too. It’s been 4 days since my last Prilosec. Maybe I’ll take one tomorrow. We’ll see how I feel.


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