I Wish I Had Taken Better Care of My Body

It was a beautiful weekend here in Alabama but a little too chilly for this girl to get on back of a bike. So we hit the yard and took care of some much needed weeding and trimming. The front bed was full of weeds and leaves and the mulch needed to be refreshed. We worked on it for a little while Saturday and then most of the day today. We still aren’t through but we’re getting there. The problem is that I can hardly move. Every muscle and bone in my body hurts. We hit the hottub and that helped and I’m on the heating pad and it feels good but when I get up, boy do I feel it. Thank goodness we are paying someone to do the big work in the backyard. I just don’t think we’re able.

I was so tired last night, I completely forgot to post. So here’s yesterday’s meals. For breakfast I had some of the sausage that I made Friday night. It has a different flavor than I’m used to and I’m wondering if it’s the fennel. Next time, I will use more sage and no fennel. I ended up not eating lunch because time got away from me and I knew we were going out to eat at Konomi’s Japanese Steak House. I had 2 soups and no salad because I figure that ginger dressing probably has sugar. I got extra rice and no noodles so I could stay away from the gluten. I brought 1/2 the rice home and most of the chicken. I realize the rice is not paleo friendly but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m ok with occasionally going off of it just in order to stay sane and live life normally. I had a drink before we left (kombucha and vodka) and drank water only. So all in all, not too bad if you ask me.

Today I had more sausage and a banana pancake that I’ve read so much about. I smeared a little ghee on it and a tad bit of maple syrup and it wasn’t too bad. Lunch was leftovers from last night. My heartburn has been so bad today and I was so exhausted from all the yard work, we decided to just make due for supper with what we had in the house. I ended up not doing anything for fear it would make my heartburn flare up again. Heartburn is good but my tummy is letting me know it’s empty. It’s 9:30 though. I’m not listening.

I read up on what foods can cause heartburn and garlic is at the top of the list. Onion too. There’s also black pepper, citrus, alcohol (especially red wine), coffee and tomatoes. So there’s another reason to stop drinking alcohol. Coffee would be a tough one. I only drink one cup a day so I’m not going to stress it. I will try and avoid the rest though.

I almost forgot to mention, we took our foster dachshund, Macy, to her forever home. Her new mom has been in touch with me a few times today and she is settling in. A great weekend is now over.


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