Heartburn Gone

Yippee! I took my Prilosec this morning and my heartburn has not reappeared all day. Words can’t describe how happy that makes me. I just hope it lasts.

I did get a horrible headache today though. I haven’t had one that bad in a really long time. Not just for no reason anyway. After lunch it started hurting and just kept getting worse and worse. I finally took some Excedrin and put the microwavable neck wrap on and it eased up. Then I just felt like I had a headache hangover.

I picked up my food today that I ordered from Consider it Joy Baking. I got some ranch dressing (which doesn’t taste like ranch at all), paleo bread and a fritata. I also picked up a bento for lunch. It wasn’t bad but I didn’t enjoy the chicken salad as much as I hoped.

Breakfast today was bacon and scrambled eggs. (looking forward to that fritata tomorrow) Lunch was the bento box with chicken salad, fruit, plantain chips with salsa and mixed nuts with some sort of seasoning on them. Those I liked. I also got 4 chocolate paleo cupcakes. Those were definitely good! I only ate one though. I gave one to a lady I work with that is celiac and another to a guy that is diabetic. I still have one though! 🙂 Supper was some tuna salad with the paleo bread.

Hump day tomorow and weigh in! Fingers crossed!!


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