Learning Keto Life

So I made the switch to the ketogenic diet. The appeal of losing more weight at a faster rate was just too much to resist. Plus, it says it will help get rid of my acid reflux and other health benefits. My doctor said 5 pounds a month was very good but as hard as I’ve worked at it, it wasn’t good enough for me. I’ve been doing this about a week now and when I weighed this morning, I had lost another 2.4 pounds. To say I’m excited and motivated is an understatement.

The side effects haven’t been fun but really it’s only been the headaches that get to me. I didn’t have one today and I’m still in ketosis so my body must be adjusting finally. I enjoy the variety and not having to analyze everything I eat. I do feel kind of weird though when I eat something that was tabu before (like soy in mayo).

I found an app to help me keep track of everything and help me determine how much of everything I should be getting. With this diet, it’s about high fat, moderate protein and low carbs. It’s hard to get it to even out by the end of the day though. From everything I’ve read, the ultimate goal is to get the fat but don’t worry about the protein and watch the carbs.

My visit to the doctor was ok. She wants to test me for heavy metals. You have to collect your urine for 6-8 hours and then send it off so I’ll have to do it on Sunday when I will be home all day. After that, if my fatigue isn’t any better, she wants to do UBI therapy (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation). It’s a procedure that exposes the blood to light to heighten the body’s immune response and to kill infections. The drawback is that it’s $100 per treatment and she said it would take about 10 treatments. I’m praying for a windfall soon!



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