Day 2 – 28 to go

I woke up feeling pretty good but by 10:00am I had a slight headache and so pooped. It’s about 9:30pm now and I’m exhausted and my headache is no better. I know it’s all normal and will pass though.

For breakfast I had leftover roasted potatoes and bacon. I was supposed to have fruit but forgot to take it to work. For lunch I had leftover spaghetti and I ended up needing a snack around 3:00. I had some jicima sticks and salsa and ate about 4 slices but it just wasn’t doing the trick. Then I remembered I had a Lara bar. It was really good. Nothing but cashews and dates. Crazy those 2 ingredients could be so good together. Then for supper I had a salad with all the cut up vegetables I was going to have for a snack and I topped it with some leftover rotisserie chicken. It was really good but didn’t seem to fill me up. I tried pushing through it but ended up fixing some kale chips. Good but still didn’t fill the void.

I’m thinking shrimp tomorrow night. I’ll have to search for recipes to see what sounds good. I also may need to go back to the grocery store already. They’re talking about snow on Friday and here in the south, that means probably no getting around until it melts and I don’t want to be left without anything I can eat!!

For now, I’m going to bed and tomorrow is going to be easier because I can do anything.


Day 1 – 29 To Go

Day 1 down and other than a slight headache, I survived. It’s a good thing I was off work today because it seems like all I did was cook. I measured and weighed but forgot to take a picture. Hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow before work.

For breakfast I had roasted potatoes and onions with 1/2 of an avocado on top, 2 strips of Whole30 compliant bacon and some mixed fruit. Oh and a cup of coffee with only some homemade cashew milk. It was all good but I’m going to need to get more creative or I will get bored.

For lunch I made spaghetti with spaghetti squash. The sauce definitely needed garlic but it wasn’t bad. And the spaghetti squash was actually better than I expected. I have 2 more servings left so spaghetti for lunch tomorrow!

For supper I cooked a chicken in my Ronco Showtime Rotisserie and ate it with some sauteed kale. The chicken was delicious. I found a recipe where you mix ghee with paprika, salt and pepper and baste the chicken a couple of times. It was brown and crusty and so tender. I’ll be using the rotisserie more often.

I’m doing good so far using the food I bought but I may have overdone it with the snacks. I thought I could eat cucumbers and other cut veggies with some salsa or guac but I failed to see where snacks are actually discouraged. They say I should be satisfied eating 3 meals a day. I can have snacks but just not all the time. It’s odd to me that a lot of “diets” these days recommend grazing all day and this one tells you not to. I’ll have to figure something else out for the cut up veggies.

I still need to come up with a meal plan for the week! Hopefully tomorrow!

Getting Ready for Whole30

I went to Whole Foods today to get all my food and came home with a ton of food and spent way too much money. I wanted to be sure and have everything I would need for a few meals and some snacks but I don’t want anything to go bad so I really hope I didn’t buy too much.

I cut up my veggies for snacking and made some salsa. I thought about making some guacamole but it’s best when fresh so I decided I would wait until tomorrow. I did look at the recipe though and I realized I didn’t buy enough tomatoes for salsa and guac. So I guess that will wait a few days. I actually may just try adding salsa to the avocado and mixing it up and see how that works. It’s basically all the same ingredients. It was a lot of work and I’m glad I don’t have to do it very often but it will be great when I need something quick.

Next I need to come up with a whole week of meals. Backwards I know. I should have come up with the meals and then shopped. But since I’m not a good planner, this will hopefully work out. I have shrimp and a whole chicken that will need to be cooked this week. Tomorrow I’ll look for recipes and cook the chicken and maybe the shrimp. I’ve got a spaghetti squash that needs to be cooked too so maybe shrimp over the squash. There is a sweet potato hash that is recommended for breakfast so I’ll make some of that too. Thankfully I’m off tomorrow so I’ll have time to do more.

I’m a little nervous about starting this because I know there will be times when temptation will be strong and a hard day will call out for a glass of wine but I just keep telling myself “I can do anything for 30 days”.

Food is definitely not my friend

I’ve really been blowing it out lately and I’m paying for it! The amount of Prilosec I’m taking can’t be good for me. I wake up choking with acid reflux and half the time it feels like there’s a brick in my stomach. I’m beyond exhausted and just feel like pooh. Yet I keep eating things I know will make me feel bad because I know I won’t be able to next week. My ultimate wish is that I will feel like I’ve never felt before come January 31 and I won’t want to go back to my old eating habits. Which is my standard MO. So it’s like a fond adeu to all my favorites. Tonight I had a reuben from Melt. It was sooo good! Tomorrow night we go to Konomi for Erin-Ann’s birthday; Saturday is the game and of course New Year’s Eve. Sunday will be meatloaf, black eye peas and turnip greens. Oh and cornbread.

Today I went to Sprouts and bought some items for next week. It’s frustrating when everything you look at as a possible meal has something in it that you can’t have. I was looking at the smoked sausage and it all had garlic in it. Everything has garlic in it! Even stuff you don’t think about. But I did get some bacon, ghee (which I’m still not sure is ok), sun butter (made with sunflower seeds), a spaghetti squash and a couple of snacks like pumpkin seeds and banana chips. I also got a lot of organic canned tomatoes and tomato paste. Not really sure why but it seemed like a good idea. I stood looking at the “milk” forever. I know I can have cashew milk but when you look at the ingredients there are things in there that make me wonder if they are Whole30 compliant. And stuff I can’t pronounce, which is always scary. So I’ve decided to make my own. Apparently you just soak the cashews and then blend the softened cashews with water. I can add a date to sweeten it up a little and then I strain it through a cheese cloth. I’m going to try it and see how it tastes in my coffee. I’ll need to get some cheese cloth though. I also need a spiralizer. Apparently you can spiralize zuchini and pretend it’s spaghetti. Not really sure about that yet but I will try anything once. And I’m really not sure about that spaghetti squash. I’ve never been real big on strange and new fruits and veggies. That reminds me, I meant to get some plantains. I’ve always wondered what they taste like. There’s a recipe where you can squish them and fry them.

I can do anything for 30 days! It will be fun!!


Why I am starting this journey

I’m listing the foods that came back from tests as being allergens so that I can track better after I start adding them back to my diet. I’ll be interested to see which ones affect me the most, if at all. I’ve been eating everything I love over the holidays, so that when the restrictions start, I won’t feel as deprived. I know it’s kind of messed up but it’s a mind thing. And it’s honestly not as satisfying as I would think plus, I’m miserable. My acid reflux is worse than it’s ever been with me taking 2-3 Prilosec a day (probably not recommended but I don’t have a choice). I’ve woke up twice now with it backing up into my throat and choking me. Plus, I’m not sleeping very well which could partly be because I’ve been sick. But me being sick makes me wonder if it’s due in part to my diet. I’m also more exhausted than usual. A simple outing for a meal just wears me out. Diet or sick? Who knows.

Here’s the list:

  • Meat and fish: scallops and swordfish (not a problem at all)
  • Dairy & egg: cheddar cheese; cottage cheese; egg, white; egg, yolk; milk, cow’s. Mozzarella and yogurt were ok but my doctor recommended I stay away from all. I’m wondering if ghee or clarified butter would be ok.
  • Beverage & Misc: Honey
  • Vegetables: garlic (shoot me now); mushrooms; spinach. I can make do without the mushrooms and spinach but garlic is a favorite and in everything!
  • legumes & pulses: green peas and soybean. I don’t like green peas and never eat soy so I’m good.
  • Nuts, seeds & oils: almond (another staple in my life); safflower, sesame and walnut. Almonds are in everything when trying to substitute dairy and it’s a great snack!
  • Fruits: coconut (ugh! see almonds) and grapefruit
  • Grains & starches: barley; bran; gluten; malt and wheat

I tried omitting all of these things right after Thanksgiving and did very well for 2 weeks but then the Christmas parties started. Considering I could have all the meats and veggies I wanted, it really wasn’t that hard. Eating out was the hardest. At Applebee’s one night I ordered a hamburger, plain and some fries. I was almost done with the fries when I realized they had garlic on them. I gained 2 pounds the next day, belched all night and my stomach felt bloated. So I’m pretty sure garlic will be a no-no from now on but I’ll test it again to make sure.

I had mentioned on Facebook that I was having to avoid all of these foods and a friend of mine tagged me in a post about a diet challenge that would be starting on January 2nd. I clicked on it and did a little research and decided hey, why not? It doesn’t omit much more than I’m already having to omit and it would be an added layer of accountability. It’s called The Whole30. In short, it’s a paleo diet. So in addition to the above, I will also give up corn, sugar (real or artificial), legumes and alcohol. A few things that are ok (and used a lot) on paleo but not on my list are eggs, coconut and almonds. It recommends no creativity like gluten free pancakes even though they are Whole30 compliant. The idea is to learn to eat whole foods. Meats, fruits and veggies. I’ll be getting more into that in the next couple of days and how I will be preparing for the big day.

Before I log off, I wanted to clarify something I said yesterday. I mentioned a few products that I had tried previously when starting a diet plan. I briefly mentioned that some worked and some didn’t. One that worked and the one that helped me get to 135 pounds was Arbonne. It was an elimination diet using all of their nutritional products. I felt better than I had in years but was still suffering from fatigue. My husband’s motorcycle wreck 8 months after  I reached my goal weight was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I believe my problem was that I never added the eliminated foods back and I just gradually went back to my old ways. I still use a lot of their products and will continue to do so. Plexus is another. I use their vitamins and probiotics and will continue to use these products as well. I’m a firm believer in products that are natural with no additives. Both of these products fall in that category but I believe the reason for my continued fatigue is once again because of food. Something I eat is causing the fatigue. I’m praying that in about 35 days I will feel like a million bucks!

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Food. You can’t live without it. It’s not like the old saying, “you can’t live with ’em; you can’t live without ’em.” Although, I must say I wouldn’t want to live without my man! He loves me unconditionally. He’s loved me at my lightest and he loves me at my heaviest. But unlike men, you can’t live without food. So in that respect, food is a friend. But for some (like me) it can turn into a foe. It’s not really an obsession but oh how I love to eat good food. I have my weaknesses like anyone else but if I had to pinpoint one or two foods, I really don’t know what I would choose. I love the obvious like pizza and chocolate but I can live without both for extended periods of time. So why can’t I do that with all foods?

Some people are happy in their large bodies. And that’s ok. But I’m not one of them. I actually kind of envy big girls that are comfortable in their own skin. I’ve been at weights before where I thought I was fat (and I probably was) and I would love to be there right now. But I know when I get there (and I will get there), it won’t be enough. I know this because I know me.

I’ve tried every diet there is to try. The cabbage diet. The banana diet. Counting calories. Counting fat. The diabetic diet. Sugar Busters. The high protein/low carb diet. Weight Watchers. Herbal Life. Nutrisystem. Arbonne. Slim Fast. Visalus. Plexus. Essential Oils. I’m sure I could think of more but I think you get the idea. Some worked great! Some not at all. But there’s been one constant thing that hasn’t changed for as long as I can remember. I’m exhausted all the time.  I wake up tired and could take a nap by 10:00am. By 5:00pm I’m physically and mentally exhausted. I don’t want to do anything but go home and fall on the couch until 10:00pm when I can go to bed. I would go at 9:00 but my husband says we’re not old enough for that yet. I’ve been telling doctors for years but they always blame it on my weight or weight related issues such as sleep apnea (which I was eventually cleared of once I was put on a daily inhaler). Even when I weighed the least at 135, I was tired so what gives? I will say I felt better at 135 than I had in years but the fatigue was still there.

I would live with it for a while and ask again but always the same answer. It’s your weight. So I recently started searching for a new doctor. One that would think out of the box and not try to blame everything on my weight. I found an Integrative Health practice and I’ve only been going there for a couple of months but she’s already discovered that my cortisol was low and I tested positive for some food allergies. But medication for low cortisol is not helping so it’s really got me wondering about food. There’s a couple more tests I can do but insurance doesn’t cover it so I’m going to see how this food thing goes first.

That brings me to the purpose of this blog and my journey. Like I said above, I know me. I have the motivation to get started but I know when things get hard, I will be tempted to “cheat”. That’s usually the way it goes for me. There’s always a reason or an occasion. So I’m starting my journey today. Christmas day. I’m going to start talking about my journey before it even starts on January 2nd, 2017. It’s for me to reflect and a way to hold myself accountable and it will get me more motivated and ready. This isn’t for anyone but me. If you’re reading this and it helps you get motivated, awesome! I would love to hear from you. And advice is great but negativity and criticism are not. So don’t go there.

I’ll start preparing for my journey tomorrow by going over my “food allergies” and the diet (and meal plans) I’ve chosen to follow come January 2nd.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!