Heartburn GO AWAY!!!

Day 4 and heartburn is not going away. If I can just hold out until tomorrow when I will take my Prilosec. I just hope I’m doing the right thing by waiting. I worry that I’m making matters worse. I just don’t understand it. I was doing so good and having very little heartburn between pills. It was so bad this morning, I decided to only eat sweet potato fries for lunch. I also ate 1/2 of a banana because I read that is good for getting rid of heartburn. I drank some kombucha too and I was fine all afternoon. So much so that I decided I would stick with sweet potato fries again tonight. Yet, it’s back and with a vengeance.

I’ve been eating the homemade breakfast sausage that I made and I’m wondering if that has something to do with it. Maybe there’s something in it that is causing the burn. I’m laying off of it tomorrow and will see.

I go to the doctor on April 7. That’s 3 weeks from now. I hope this doesn’t continue because I don’t think I can wait 3 weeks to ask if this is normal or what I’m doing wrong.

Not much else on my mind tonight. It’s hard to think or reflect when you hurt so bad.


The Longest Week Ever

Thank goodness this work week is finally over!! Have I mentioned I don’t like the time change? I actually woke up on time this morning but I was still dragging all day. And I’ve just had such a hard time staying focused and on task. Maybe I can get my internal clock straightened out this weekend.

I took that Prilosec last night and surprisingly, I’ve been hurting pretty bad all day and tonight. I came home from work and took some coconut oil and again when we got back from eating dinner and I will take some more before bed. I hope that isn’t a bad thing. I’ll look it up tomorrow. I would think it’s just the calories that aren’t good. I just wonder why it’s so bad all of a sudden. I was doing so good. I wonder if I waited too long to take one.

Breakfast today was bacon and eggs again. I made my breakfast sausage tonight with ground pork, fennel, thyme, sage, salt, pepper, garlic and maple syrup. The recipe called for coconut sugar but I thought maple syrup would be better. I’m hoping I can ripen some bananas before tomorrow morning so I can have some banana pancakes. Those that I have in the freezer from Young Living Gluten Free mix just don’t do it for me. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to  breakfast. Lunch was leftover spaghetti and 3 cookies I bought yesterday from Organic Harvest. They are paleo friendly but I know they still aren’t good for me. They are just so good though! We met our friends out for supper at the bowling ally. Sounds weird but it’s a really nice place and the food is delicious. I had salmon, broccoli and fries and a glass of cabernet. The wine made my nose turn red and I was all stopped up. When will I accept the fact that I can’t drink wine anymore?

Time for sweet dreams. Night all!

Prilosec Detox

The Prilosec detox is going well. It’s been since Friday that I’ve had my last one and the one before that was the previous Monday. I felt the acid rise last night but I took my coconut oil and night time Zantac and other pills and I’ve been fine since then. I thought about taking one today but waited it out and I’m glad I did. I am wondering though if it’s garlic tonight that is doing it. I’ve been using it sparingly though so surely not.

I weighed this morning and I’m down another 1.7 lbs. That’s only 5 lbs this month but it’s better than a gain. I know, I have said that before. I’m so close to going down into the next number so I’m excited about that. I should be decently ready for summer by the time it gets here.

I am slowly but surely getting acclimated to the time change. I still don’t want to get up but I don’t don’t feel quite as tired during the day. I’m ready for bed now though and it’s only 9:30.

Breakfast was bacon and sauteed apples and pecans. A very welcome change! My hubby got some ground pork so I’m going to make some homemade sausage and that will shake things up a bit! Lunch was leftover chicken, cabbage and I made some sweet potato fries in the toaster oven. We had to go do a home visit after work for the dachshund we’ve been fostering so he put a roast, potatoes, carrots and onion in the crockpot. It was ready and waiting for us when we got home. It was really good and hit the spot.

Hitting the hay now!

When There is Pizza

We had our monthly HOG meeting tonight and the meal being served was pizza. I love pizza. At least I used to. The last time I had pizza, it just wasn’t as good as I remembered. So I really wasn’t heartbroken that I couldn’t eat it. I think that’s the great thing about eating paleo. You get all of the bad stuff out of your system and you don’t miss it. There was also salad so I took some leftover chicken and some homemade dressing and just had a chicken salad. It wasn’t bad.

Rewind to this morning and I had bacon and boiled eggs. Lunch was chicken, asparagus and sweet potato fries. Last night when we were spicing the chicken up to cook, I put some smoked paprika on one piece. I was curious whether it would be any good or not and it was actually very good. Next time we have chicken, it will be spiced up with that.

It’s been since Monday that I’ve had my Prilosec and I’m feeling it tonight. Probably the balsamic vinegar dressing. I’ve already had one tablespoon of coconut oil and I’ll get another one before bed. Tomorrow will definitely be a Prilosec day.

Waiting on feeling better for using the oils for my breathing issues. I guess it takes a while. Maybe one day before I die I’ll get to feel normal again and not exhausted. I can do anything!

Prilosec. Friend or Foe?

I’m trying to get off of Prilosec. Wow! It sounds like I’m talking about drugs. I know it’s not the same and I would never suggest that getting off of Prilosec is even close to getting off of drugs but our bodies do become addicted to things. Things not as bad as drugs, alcohol and cigarettes but they are still things the body thinks it has to have. My dad used to be addicted to nose spray and I know someone that couldn’t live without Blistex. And there’s always food addictions such as sugar and gluten. With Prilosec, when you try to stop taking it, you have what’s called rebound reflux. Your stomach kicks into overtime producing acids and there’s only one place for it to go. And with all the acid, it can cause asthma to flare up. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but if you’ve ever had heartburn, you know what I’m talking about.

Today was the day I didn’t take my Prilosec and when I got home I was hurting pretty good. I took my 2 tbsp of coconut oil and my night time pills (which 1 of the pills is a Zantac) and it is better. I’ve noticed that bacon really heats things up. If I have to remove bacon from my diet, there will no longer be any meaning to life. Just kidding, of course, but the thought of removing another food is depressing.

I’m just going to recap what I ate today and go to bed. Breakfast was bacon and scrambled eggs. Lunch was leftover hash. For supper we had bacon wrapped shrimp kabobs and roasted potatoes.


I Still Haven’t Added Almonds

I wrote a couple of days ago that it was time to add almonds back but I still haven’t done it. I just haven’t had time to think about how to add them back. I need to get some too. I’ve had some slivered almonds forever but I’m not sure if they are still good. Do almonds go bad? Surely not.

Today was a lazy day. I cleaned a couple of boxes out of the garage and cleaned a toilet but that’s about it. I spent most of the day on Pinterest and watched TV. The hubs went back down to the World of Wheels so I had the TV all to myself.

For breakfast I broke down and had some of the leftover/frozen pancakes and some bacon. They are ok but not my favorite. And I was curious how they would taste after being frozen but that was ok. I just put them in the oven and heated them up. I’d really like to try the banana and egg pancakes. Maybe next weekend. There was no lunch again. I really just forget to eat now. I’m not starving. Later this afternoon, I got a little hungry but didn’t want to fool with a meal. So I just ate a few chips to tie me over. I looked all day for a good pork chop recipe and I finally found one with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, rosemary, salt and brown mustard. They were ok but I won’t make them again. I made sweet potato fries for me and mashed potatoes for him and I had roasted zucchini again. I was going to have cabbage but the zucchini needed to be cooked. I’ll be back on Pinterest in a minute for cabbage recipes though!

I did try the coconut oil with cocoa and maple syrup and it turned out good. I read a lot of reviews where the sugar separated so I was worried about it but it turned out nicely. I just need to be careful not to over indulge. I also melted some coconut oil before taking my 2 tbsp’s and that was a lot easier to take. And it immediatly got rid of my heartburn. I’m dealing with it a little tonight but I’ll take my Zantac shortly and hopefully that will last me until tomorrow when I take my Prilosec. Getting there!

Tomorrow is Monday. Ugh! I wish I didn’t have to adult tomorrow. Weekends are too short!

What Did I Forget?

Yesterday was the first time I forgot to write my blog. I really didn’t have time but I mostly forgot. We were at the Birmingham World of Wheels raising money for Big Oak Ranch. Such a wonderful cause! I briefly thought about it while we were there but once we got home, I got ready for bed and never gave it another thought.

Let’s see if I can remember what I ate. Bacon and 2 boiled eggs for breakfast. For lunch I had leftover sloppy joe meat with green beans. Supper was leftover bacon wrapped chicken with roasted zucchini. I ate that on the way to World of Wheels. And yes, I had to really think about what I had. And this is why I write it down. Because if I have a really strong symptom come up, I want to be able to remember what I ate.

Today was another busy day. I had bacon and fried eggs for breakfast and I never did eat lunch. I took my husband back down to the World of Wheels and I went to work to catch up on some things. I ate a Lara bar and stopped on my way back down there and ate some chips. That held me over until we went out for our friend’s birthday at a mexican restaurant. I decided on the chicken soup. It has rice in it and garlic so I took a chance eating it but it was hard enough not having a margarita and no chips and dip. I think eating chicken soup was an acceptable choice.

One final note for the day. I tried taking my coconut oil in my coffee and let me tell you, it was not good! I felt like I was drinking oil. Very greasy. I’m sure it would be better if it were just a teaspoon instead of 2 tablespoons. I looked it up today and there are several ways I can get the oil in and one was mixing cocoa, coconut oil and maple syrup and then cooling in the fridge. Sounds good to me!!