Random Thoughts

Writing this blog was so much easier when I was counting down the days to my Whole30 being over and it’s easy now when I’ve reintroduced another food. But today, I haven’t reintroduced anything and I don’t have any symptoms and I feel decent enough. I’m tired, but what’s new?

That’s what this blog is for. It’s to document my weight loss journey and my goal to get healthy again. To find a happy place where I still enjoy my favorites but without all the bad stuff.  It’s for me to track the foods I eat and see if anything affects me negativevly. It’s for me. So if you’re following me (and haven’t read my intro) and you’re wondering why I babble on about all this stuff, that’s why.

I keep thinking about having a glass of wine and I really wanted one tonight but since I can’t drink wine anymore, I drank some kombucha. I love the gingerade! I put it in a wine glass and sip on it while I’m cooking and it makes me feel normal again. I will probably have a drink or two at our Valentine party next weekend but I have to admit, it makes me nervous to think about doing it. I’m worried about having too much and then eating too much or going totally crazy and undoing all my hard work. I need to marinate on these thoughts.

I had bacon and sauteed apples and pecans for breakfast but this time I had my husband use coconut oil instead of ghee. I thought it would taste good and give me the 2 tbls of coconut oil that the doctor ordered. It did the latter but I wasn’t crazy about the taste. The apples were too tart and it just wasn’t the same. For lunch I had leftover kraut and chicken apple sausage with roasted zucchini. Supper was green beans, sauteed kale and bacon wrapped boneless chicken thighs. I found a great recipe on Pinterest that you sprinkle smoked Paprika and onion powder on the chicken and then wrap in bacon. You’re supposed to pan fry it but we grilled it. I really enjoyed it but I told my husband that next time I will use more paprika so that I can taste it. We will probably also cook as instructed instead of grilling.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.


Coconut Oil to Treat Acid Reflux

I went to the doctor today and told her I wanted to stop taking Prilosec and that I was down to one Prilosec about every 2-3 days. She said pretty much what I had read, that you can’t just stop taking it. She gave me instructions to get some Zantac, virgin coconut oil and she gave me a supplement called GI Revive. For the first week, I take the Prilosec every 2 days and the Zantac twice daily. GI Revive 3 tabs twice daily and 2 tbls virgin coconut oil a day. She also said to take Vitamin D but I’m not sure what that has to do with acid reflux.

Of course I forgot to write anything down that I said I was going to ask her about. We talked about a lot though and she seemed pleased that I had lost weight and was taking the intiative to heal my body from the inside out. According to them, I’ve lost 15 pounds since August but according to my scales, it’s 20 pounds. Not sure why we’re different but I know what my scales said and that’s what I’m going by. She wanted me to continue taking the T3 for adrenal fatigue so when I wake up to pee in the middle of the night, that’s when I take it. She also gave me something called Adrenal PX. I’ll take it in the morning and in the afternoon, if needed.

I took advantage of having to go into the doctor before work so for breakfast I had bacon and fried eggs. Lunch was leftover salmon and roasted zucchini. Supper was chicken apple sausage and kraut with more roasted zucchini (I love that stuff). Before I ate, I took my 2 tablespoons of coconut and let me tell you, it was not easy. I like the taste of coconut oil but have you ever tried taking a tablespoon full? Yuck. I think it was the texture more than anything. She said I could put it in my coffee or on my food or whatever so I’ll be getting creative. Maybe I could just mix it with water and drink it.

Right now my stomach feels kind of icky. I don’t know if it’s the coconut oil or not. Earlier I had a headache but I took an Excedrin and it went away. I weighed before my appointment and I was down another .4 lbs. That makes a total of 11 pounds since January 2!!

Next phase of getting healthy…EXERCISE!!!!