Learning Keto Life

So I made the switch to the ketogenic diet. The appeal of losing more weight at a faster rate was just too much to resist. Plus, it says it will help get rid of my acid reflux and other health benefits. My doctor said 5 pounds a month was very good but as hard as I’ve worked at it, it wasn’t good enough for me. I’ve been doing this about a week now and when I weighed this morning, I had lost another 2.4 pounds. To say I’m excited and motivated is an understatement.

The side effects haven’t been fun but really it’s only been the headaches that get to me. I didn’t have one today and I’m still in ketosis so my body must be adjusting finally. I enjoy the variety and not having to analyze everything I eat. I do feel kind of weird though when I eat something that was tabu before (like soy in mayo).

I found an app to help me keep track of everything and help me determine how much of everything I should be getting. With this diet, it’s about high fat, moderate protein and low carbs. It’s hard to get it to even out by the end of the day though. From everything I’ve read, the ultimate goal is to get the fat but don’t worry about the protein and watch the carbs.

My visit to the doctor was ok. She wants to test me for heavy metals. You have to collect your urine for 6-8 hours and then send it off so I’ll have to do it on Sunday when I will be home all day. After that, if my fatigue isn’t any better, she wants to do UBI therapy (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation). It’s a procedure that exposes the blood to light to heighten the body’s immune response and to kill infections. The drawback is that it’s $100 per treatment and she said it would take about 10 treatments. I’m praying for a windfall soon!



When Food Lets You Down

This post is from last night but it wouldn’t let me post it…

I was going to title this blog ” When You Crave a Food So Bad and It’s Not Nearly as Good as You Hoped For” but it was too long, and, I was let down so I guess the title is appropriate. I found a recipe the other day for paleo salmon croquettes and was devastated I hadn’t thought of them before now.

So I invited my daughter and son-in-law over for supper and set out to make salmon croquettes with mashed potatoes (a must with salmon croquettes) and roasted zucchini. Because my sweet husband is retired, he does most of the cooking. I’ll help do one or two things but he does most of everything and mashed potatoes are his thing. He was having his Tuesday night pool night so it was all up to me. My daughter helped prepare the zucchini and a few other things but it was pretty much all me.

First of all, I burned 3 trays of zucchini. Using the Pampered Chef bar pan is great but they will burn in a heartbeat if you aren’t careful. Luckily I had another zucchini. Then I over cooked the potatoes and they were too starchy. I put a little ghee in them and a splash of chicken broth and they were as creamy as we could get them without making potato soup. I didn’t think they tasted too bad though. The only thing that really turned out ok was the salmon but it just didn’t taste like I remembered. It was bland and tasteless. I’ll be searching for another recipe and hopefully I can improve on that. If it isn’t then salmon croquettes will just have to live in my memories.

Kind of backwards but for breakfast I had bacon and poached eggs. Note to self…we are out of eggs! For lunch I had left over chicken, cabbage and roasted potatoes.

Still exhausted. Have I mentioned how much I hate daylight savings time? Heartburn tonight too. It’s been 4 days since my last Prilosec. Maybe I’ll take one tomorrow. We’ll see how I feel.

When There is Pizza

We had our monthly HOG meeting tonight and the meal being served was pizza. I love pizza. At least I used to. The last time I had pizza, it just wasn’t as good as I remembered. So I really wasn’t heartbroken that I couldn’t eat it. I think that’s the great thing about eating paleo. You get all of the bad stuff out of your system and you don’t miss it. There was also salad so I took some leftover chicken and some homemade dressing and just had a chicken salad. It wasn’t bad.

Rewind to this morning and I had bacon and boiled eggs. Lunch was chicken, asparagus and sweet potato fries. Last night when we were spicing the chicken up to cook, I put some smoked paprika on one piece. I was curious whether it would be any good or not and it was actually very good. Next time we have chicken, it will be spiced up with that.

It’s been since Monday that I’ve had my Prilosec and I’m feeling it tonight. Probably the balsamic vinegar dressing. I’ve already had one tablespoon of coconut oil and I’ll get another one before bed. Tomorrow will definitely be a Prilosec day.

Waiting on feeling better for using the oils for my breathing issues. I guess it takes a while. Maybe one day before I die I’ll get to feel normal again and not exhausted. I can do anything!

Another Month Down

It’s been another month and I’m another 5.1 lbs down. Not great but it’s better than a gain. And like they say…I didn’t gain it over night and I won’t lose it over night. That puts me at a total of about 24 lbs. I had already lost 10 lbs before the new year, 9+ lbs in January and 5.1 in February. So not too bad!

One non-scale victory is that I’m very close to being off of Prilosec. I’m in week 3 and in the process of dropping it to 2 days this week. It’s amazing something so commonly prescribed by doctors can be so damaging and hard to get off of. It shows the sign of the times where doctors over medicate instead of looking for the root cause. There should be laws against it or better guidelines or something.

I’m ready for bed so I’m jumping right into my meals for today. We finally got some bacon so for breakfast I had bacon and scrambled eggs. Of course lunch was leftovers from last night…steamed shrimp, new potatoes and green beans. For supper we made some of that chick-fil-a chicken nuggets and had that in a salad. For some reason, it didn’t fry up nice and crispy. Not sure if it’s because I just used arrowroot flour or what. The last recipe I found also used cassava flour. Next time, I’ll add that too. It wasn’t enough to coat all the chicken anyway so that will help it go further.

Another Month Down

Well, another month down. I won’t weight until tomorrow though. I always weigh on Wednesday for some reason. I haven’t lost very much yet and I’m sure it won’t be much more this week but I guess any loss is better than nothing.

I’ve been really exhausted today. Even more than usual.  I woke up once with my oxygen cannula on my forehead and there’s no telling how long it had been there. I also had a slight headache when I first woke up so I’m guessing it was for quite a while. I’ve also had trouble with brain fog a lot lately. Not understanding stuff and forgetting what I’m doing. I haven’t really been cheating that bad and I haven’t added anything new back so it’s kind of weird that I would be experiencing all this.

Today I had sauteed apples and pecans for breakfast and 2 hard boiled eggs. We finally found the sugar free bacon tonight at Publix in a different city. For lunch I had leftover chicken and I made fresh sweet potato fries at work. Tonight we went out with friends and had all you can eat steamed shrimp. I also had new potatoes and green beans. I was smart and remembered to take some sugar free ketchup and I asked for horseradish and made my own cocktail sauce. I took some ghee and got them to leave butter off of my potatoes. Doing things like that makes me feel like I’m not having to compromise all the time. I just have to plan ahead. Oh, I almost forgot. I had 2 glasses of wine.


Taking Your Own Dinner to a Dinner Party

Bunko was tonight so I asked the hostess what was for supper and it was chicken divan, pinto beans and slaw. So I took grilled chicken and roasted zucchini. She also had deviled eggs and I did eat one of those. For dessert she had these yummy looking cookies, brownies and some sort of strawberrty jello mold. I tried not to look when people were eating all the yummies but the truth is, it didn’t bother me like it used to.

It got me to thinking though. What will I cook when it’s my month? Well, we looked at the list and next month is my time. I’ll be thinking about it but I am thinking about roast, potatoes and carrots. That could be an expensive meal though since I have to cook enough for 12 people. Maybe I’ll google paleo dishes for a large crowd.

Speaking of large crowds, we’ve got the party here Saturday night for my sweet friend’s birthday. I need to come up with different and yummy things I will be able to eat. She’s on a diet too so we’ll have fruit and veggies for sure.

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs and homemade sausage. Lunch was leftover hamburger, asparagus and roasted potatoes. As mentioned above, I took chicken and zucchini for supper.

Getting Active

I didn’t use my oxygen last night because my nose was so stopped up and I felt it today. My Fitbit also showed I was up half the night but I only remember waking up a couple of times. But I didn’t let that stop me today. We started cleaning early, went to Sam’s, washed the car, prepared food for my kids to come over, cooked, cleaned up and washed clothes. I’m on the couch now and feeling the effects from the lack of sleep and a busy day. But it was a good day. I always feel so accomplished when getting so much done. And to top it off, I got to see my kids and their families.

Another great thing about getting so much done is that it gives me more steps. I’m over 7,000 right now. A little over 6,000 yesterday. That doesn’t sound like much but I typically only get about 3,000 so it’s definitely better. I keep saying I’m going to do this and do that to get more active but I haven’t made a commitment to do any particular thing yet. I have to be ready or I won’t stick to it so it’s ok.

We ran out of bacon Friday night when we had bacon wrapped shrimp so for breakfast this morning I had some of that homemade sausage. It has been in the freezer so it was still good. I also had fried eggs. It was a nice change. We were so busy that I never ate lunch today. I just had a handful of chips. We grilled hamburgers tonight. I also made roasted potatoes and asparagus (my daughter-in-law loves it). It was pretty good but the meat we buy is so lean that the meat ends up kind of dry.

Making a goal to walk at least 4,500 steps tomorrow. I can do anything!!