Random Thoughts

Writing this blog was so much easier when I was counting down the days to my Whole30 being over and it’s easy now when I’ve reintroduced another food. But today, I haven’t reintroduced anything and I don’t have any symptoms and I feel decent enough. I’m tired, but what’s new?

That’s what this blog is for. It’s to document my weight loss journey and my goal to get healthy again. To find a happy place where I still enjoy my favorites but without all the bad stuff.  It’s for me to track the foods I eat and see if anything affects me negativevly. It’s for me. So if you’re following me (and haven’t read my intro) and you’re wondering why I babble on about all this stuff, that’s why.

I keep thinking about having a glass of wine and I really wanted one tonight but since I can’t drink wine anymore, I drank some kombucha. I love the gingerade! I put it in a wine glass and sip on it while I’m cooking and it makes me feel normal again. I will probably have a drink or two at our Valentine party next weekend but I have to admit, it makes me nervous to think about doing it. I’m worried about having too much and then eating too much or going totally crazy and undoing all my hard work. I need to marinate on these thoughts.

I had bacon and sauteed apples and pecans for breakfast but this time I had my husband use coconut oil instead of ghee. I thought it would taste good and give me the 2 tbls of coconut oil that the doctor ordered. It did the latter but I wasn’t crazy about the taste. The apples were too tart and it just wasn’t the same. For lunch I had leftover kraut and chicken apple sausage with roasted zucchini. Supper was green beans, sauteed kale and bacon wrapped boneless chicken thighs. I found a great recipe on Pinterest that you sprinkle smoked Paprika and onion powder on the chicken and then wrap in bacon. You’re supposed to pan fry it but we grilled it. I really enjoyed it but I told my husband that next time I will use more paprika so that I can taste it. We will probably also cook as instructed instead of grilling.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.


Garlic. My Secret Boyfriend.

My heartburn last night was getting pretty bad so I took an OTC Prilosec. They’re fewer mg than my prescription (which is 40mg) so I thought it would help ween me off of them. This morning it was ok but got worse as the morning went on so I ended up taking one of my prescription pills. That got rid of it but I’ve still been burping all day. So the big question is, was it the garlic I ate last night or just my stomach craving the Prilosec? I think this is why they say not to make too many changes at one time. I’ll talk to my doctor on Tuesday and see what she says I should do.

My love for garlic runs deep. You look in our spice cabinet and you’ll find garlic salt, a couple of garlic powders, Jane’s Crazy Garlic, Regular Jane’s (which has garlic), garlic infused olive oil and then there’s another bottle of some sort of garlic oil. And there are other spice mixes that contain garlic. I have no doubt I can survive without garlic but I don’t want to. I love it. It’s like dating a bad boy. You know he’s bad for you but you love him and you don’t want to lose him. In my case, I’m not sure if he’s really bad yet or not but the thought of not ever seeing him again is hard to accept. And then there’s going out to eat. I’ve learned over the last 30 days that getting anything in a restaurant that is garlic free is just about impossible. So it’s like seeing the bad boyfriend anytime you go out to eat. You can’t lose him!

I think I’ll try the egg whites tomorrow. At least if I can tolerate eggs, I can make sauces, dressings and have something else to eat for breakfast. Today for breakfast I just had bacon. I just couldn’t stand the thought of any of my usual foods. For lunch I had my leftover hobo burger and sweet potato fries. I was going to eat a salad but forgot. For supper, we sat here for a couple of hours before going in the kitchen to stare in the refrigerator. We ended up making taco meat and I put that in a microwaved bell pepper along with some kale that I sauteed in the taco meat. I then topped it with avocado. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever eaten but it filled me up.

Why couldn’t I have been born with a skinny gene?

Day 30 – 0 To Go

I did it! I stuck to the most rigid diet I’ve ever been on FOR 30 DAYS. That’s 90 meals with no sugar (artificial or real), dairy, soy, legumes, alcohol, grains or anything processed or made using compliant ingredients (ie: pancakes). Add to that, I also did not have foods that came up as being possible allergens for me. Those included eggs, garlic, spinach, almonds, coconut, sesame seeds, walnuts, also dairy and gluten, and I’m sure I’m forgetting other things but isn’t that enough?

I’ve mentioned this before but in the book it says this is not hard. It says beating cancer is hard. It’s true, I know. But this was still a challenge. I thought about when I quit smoking. Now that was hard. It’s said the addiction is like heroin. Not sure if that’s true but when I describe to people what it was like when I quit smoking, the best way I can describe it is that it hurt. I still crave a cigarette every now and then but I know if I tried to smoke one here and there, I would be back as a full time smoker in no time. My health now suffers because of smoking cigarettes so I’ll never do that. But food is the same thing for me. I quit smoking a thousand times and started back 999 times. I need to have the same attitude toward food as I do with cigarettes. It was doing my body harm and I need to give up those foods that do the most harm. I will learn to eat some of the things I love using alternative ingredients and I’ll keep trying until I have my favorites. I have to. I want to.

For my last breakfast on Whole30, I had bacon and the leftover hashbrowns that I didn’t get to have yesterday. Leftover spaghetting and riced cauliflower for lunch. For supper I sauteed some peppers and onions in olive oil and then added some shrimp. After about 5 minutes, I added chili pepper flakes and lime juice and let that cook through. I took it off the eye and topped it with minced cilantro. It was delicious!! I can’t take credit though. I found the recipe online.

I was well into my second day of no Prilosec but I think the shrimp dish was a bit much. I started to hurt pretty bad so I took a Prilosec. Getting better but still there.

Looking forward to my egg yolks tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I don’t have any issues!

Day 28 – 2 To Go

Wow, just 2 days to go. I’m looking forward to the end but at the same time, I’m kind of nervous about it. Praying I can stay determined and patient while I reintroduce each food. I’ve come too far to blow it now but if I’m being honest, going back to my old ways is my MO. If I truly want to find the root of my fatigue, I’ll do it right but on the other hand, I think I’ve prooved food is not my “foe” when it comes to fatigue. But I do have other things that have improved (aka non-scale victories). I have cut my Prilosec down to every other day and while I feel a little discomfort, it’s not choking me like it would have before. I can tell the inflamation is out of my body because I don’t ache all over. And the biggest is no bloating.

One of the moderators of the Facebook support group I’m in, said she didn’t lose much weight when she did this before so I’ve been a little worried that would be my case. If it is, I know how disappointed I will be and that is always bad (I’ll be frustrated and tempted). I’ve googled to see if I can find other stories and I found a few where people lost 10+ pounds so I still remain hopeful.

Breakfast was really good today for some reason. I had bacon with hashbrowns so nothing new. But I added a little bell pepper this time so I guess it just gave it a little different taste. For lunch, I got creative and sauteed some cabbage in bacon grease and then added some of the leftover rotisserie chicken from Thursday. I seasoned it with Celtic salt, pepper, onion powder and cumin. It was really good but I need to learn to dial back the cumin. I didn’t realize it has a little kick to it but it does. Gary and I couldn’t decide what to eat for supper so I just got a bowl full of strawberries and put some of my coffee creamer over them. It didn’t keep me full very long but then it got too late to eat. So I’m going to bed on an empty stomach.

I almost forgot…I woke up with a headache this morning and I’ve been a little achy. It makes me wonder if something was in my meal last night that I shouldn’t have had. But I took some Excedrin and that fixed my headache and we got in the hottub and that relieved my achiness.

I can do anything for 2 days!

Day 20 – 10 To Go

We had a very busy and social day today and I resisted all temptations. We had a chili cookoff during lunch and I took my own chili and a Kombuchi and then a bunch of friends came over tonight and we grilled and sat by the fire pit. Everyone (but me) was drinking and most everybody had hotdogs (I love a good hotdog!). I drank water and ate a hamburger patty with mustard and some sweet potato fries. For a snack I had grapes and sunflower seeds while everyone else had chips and dip. Knowing that I only have 10 days to go made it so easy to resist any temptation. But really there wasn’t much temptation. I no longer crave sugar and with my head hurting all week, it wasn’t hard to not even think about drinking.

Speaking of headaches. I was looking forward to not having a headache today but I woke up with one. I took some Excedrin early and it eased up a little but not much. Later in the afternoon, I took some more and it finally got to where I barely noticed it. Sitting outside around that fire, the smoke finally got to me and made it hurt more so I came inside. I’m really hoping whatever is causing them gets better soon.

So for breakfast I had bacon with hashbrowns that I made with my spiralizer. It’s just the potatoes, onion and bell pepper sauteed in ghee until they’re brown. They turned out really good and I was happy for the change, even if a small one. As mentioned above, I had chili for lunch and the hamburger with sweet potato fries for supper.

It’s 11:00pm and I’m tired and ready for bed. Single digits from here on out! 🙂

Day 16 – 14 To Go

Another headache today. I can’t decide what could be causing them. There’s nothing I’ve read about the diet that would cause it and it shouldn’t be anything I’m eating. Stress maybe? I didn’t wake up with it so I don’t think it would be low oxygen again. I took more Excedrin and it eventually went away. Then I was exhausted the rest of the day. Complete with heavy eyes, brain fog and wanting to do nothing but go home and go to bed. I’m trying to use my inhaler more often in hopes of opening my lungs up but it could just be I’m not getting a good nights sleep.

I took a picture today and put it next to a picture taken on 12/31/16 and it’s amazing how much thinner my face looks. I’m trying to figure out how to post it here so we’ll see in a minute whether I figure it out or not. I’m mad I forgot to take a full body picture on the first day. I really should go ahead and take one now. Hopefully I’ll remember later.

For breakfast I had some of the homemade breakfast sausage I had put up in the freezer. Gary took some of the sweet potato fries and sauteed them in ghee with some pecans. Not nearly as good as cooked in the oven though. For lunch I had leftover kraut and weenies, mashed potatoes and sauteed kale. Supper was spaghetti and zoodles. The sauce was bottled that we were able to find with no garlic in it (Rao’s Sensitive). This was the first time I’ve made zoodles and they were a little over cooked. All in all, it wasn’t bad.

Yay! I figured it out. Horrible pictures. The before because I’m so swollen and fat and the “not quite after” because you can tell I’m tired. But I’m looking thinner so that’s why I don’t mind putting this out there. I’ll take another one at the end of the 30 days and compare them all. Two weeks to go! 🙂



Food is definitely not my friend

I’ve really been blowing it out lately and I’m paying for it! The amount of Prilosec I’m taking can’t be good for me. I wake up choking with acid reflux and half the time it feels like there’s a brick in my stomach. I’m beyond exhausted and just feel like pooh. Yet I keep eating things I know will make me feel bad because I know I won’t be able to next week. My ultimate wish is that I will feel like I’ve never felt before come January 31 and I won’t want to go back to my old eating habits. Which is my standard MO. So it’s like a fond adeu to all my favorites. Tonight I had a reuben from Melt. It was sooo good! Tomorrow night we go to Konomi for Erin-Ann’s birthday; Saturday is the game and of course New Year’s Eve. Sunday will be meatloaf, black eye peas and turnip greens. Oh and cornbread.

Today I went to Sprouts and bought some items for next week. It’s frustrating when everything you look at as a possible meal has something in it that you can’t have. I was looking at the smoked sausage and it all had garlic in it. Everything has garlic in it! Even stuff you don’t think about. But I did get some bacon, ghee (which I’m still not sure is ok), sun butter (made with sunflower seeds), a spaghetti squash and a couple of snacks like pumpkin seeds and banana chips. I also got a lot of organic canned tomatoes and tomato paste. Not really sure why but it seemed like a good idea. I stood looking at the “milk” forever. I know I can have cashew milk but when you look at the ingredients there are things in there that make me wonder if they are Whole30 compliant. And stuff I can’t pronounce, which is always scary. So I’ve decided to make my own. Apparently you just soak the cashews and then blend the softened cashews with water. I can add a date to sweeten it up a little and then I strain it through a cheese cloth. I’m going to try it and see how it tastes in my coffee. I’ll need to get some cheese cloth though. I also need a spiralizer. Apparently you can spiralize zuchini and pretend it’s spaghetti. Not really sure about that yet but I will try anything once. And I’m really not sure about that spaghetti squash. I’ve never been real big on strange and new fruits and veggies. That reminds me, I meant to get some plantains. I’ve always wondered what they taste like. There’s a recipe where you can squish them and fry them.

I can do anything for 30 days! It will be fun!!