Post Whole30 – Day 1

When I started this journey, I did it for several reasons. My initial plan was just to eliminate those foods that came up as being allergens in my bloodwork so that I could figure out if any of them were my friend or foe. Then I heard about Whole30 and decided “what are a few more food groups?” The rest is all health related. I wanted to get rid of belly bloat and lose weight. To lose the brain fog and get rid of my aches and pains. But more than anything, I wanted to get rid of my exhaustion. I’m tired of being tired all the time. It’s a miserable feeling to wake up and not feel any more rested than I did when I went to bed.

Well here I am at the end of the 30 days and I have a lot of things to be thankful for and happy about. I’m down 9 lbs and 4 1/2″. I no longer have the belly bloat and most of my aches and pains are gone. My brain fog is improving and while I’m still exhausted, I feel like it may be a little bit better. One of the moderators of the Facebook page said that it can take a while for that to go away. I go to the doctor next week so I’ll see what she thinks.

Another good thing is that I have reduced the amount of Prilosec I’m having to take. It had gotten so bad that I was having to take a pill twice a day on most days. I also no longer crave sugar and have a whole new outlook on food and how I want to eat going forward. It was my blog last night that did that. Kind of an 11th hour revelation.

I’ll continue keeping up with my meals and any symptoms. I need to write it down so I won’t forget what I’ve eaten when I have any symptoms.

For breakfast today, I had bacon and egg yolks. It seemed kind of weird doing that but it was such a welcome change. Now I see if any symptoms come to light. So far, I’ve had a slight tummy issue but I had that yesterday. My stomach has been gurgling a lot but again, that could be carry over. I’ve also been really irritable today. I’ll probably give it a rest and try them again later to see what happens. For lunch I had leftover shrimp, peppers and onions but this time I put it over lettuce and added guacamole. It took some of the heat out and was pretty good. For supper we had steak, baked potatoes and I sauteed some kale for me.

I’m thinking about changing the name of this blog so stay tuned about that.


Day 30 – 0 To Go

I did it! I stuck to the most rigid diet I’ve ever been on FOR 30 DAYS. That’s 90 meals with no sugar (artificial or real), dairy, soy, legumes, alcohol, grains or anything processed or made using compliant ingredients (ie: pancakes). Add to that, I also did not have foods that came up as being possible allergens for me. Those included eggs, garlic, spinach, almonds, coconut, sesame seeds, walnuts, also dairy and gluten, and I’m sure I’m forgetting other things but isn’t that enough?

I’ve mentioned this before but in the book it says this is not hard. It says beating cancer is hard. It’s true, I know. But this was still a challenge. I thought about when I quit smoking. Now that was hard. It’s said the addiction is like heroin. Not sure if that’s true but when I describe to people what it was like when I quit smoking, the best way I can describe it is that it hurt. I still crave a cigarette every now and then but I know if I tried to smoke one here and there, I would be back as a full time smoker in no time. My health now suffers because of smoking cigarettes so I’ll never do that. But food is the same thing for me. I quit smoking a thousand times and started back 999 times. I need to have the same attitude toward food as I do with cigarettes. It was doing my body harm and I need to give up those foods that do the most harm. I will learn to eat some of the things I love using alternative ingredients and I’ll keep trying until I have my favorites. I have to. I want to.

For my last breakfast on Whole30, I had bacon and the leftover hashbrowns that I didn’t get to have yesterday. Leftover spaghetting and riced cauliflower for lunch. For supper I sauteed some peppers and onions in olive oil and then added some shrimp. After about 5 minutes, I added chili pepper flakes and lime juice and let that cook through. I took it off the eye and topped it with minced cilantro. It was delicious!! I can’t take credit though. I found the recipe online.

I was well into my second day of no Prilosec but I think the shrimp dish was a bit much. I started to hurt pretty bad so I took a Prilosec. Getting better but still there.

Looking forward to my egg yolks tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I don’t have any issues!

Day 29 – 1 To Go

Tomorrow is the day! Yippee!!! My last day of Whole30. I can’t believe it’s finally here. It’s been like waiting for Christmas. Or the last day of school. I’m really looking forward to having me some eggs on Wedneday morning. There’s just so much you can do with potatoes, sweet potatoes, bacon and sausage. I’ve had a few more things than that but not much.

Another reason why I want to eat eggs first is because, if I tolerate them, I can make mayo and dump ranch. With mayo, I can have chicken salad or tuna salad and who knows what else. Not to mention, I can have stuffed eggs! The possibilities are endless! Eeeeee!!

For breakfast, I was going to have chicken/apple sausage with leftover hashbrowns but I forgot the hashbrowns. Surprisingly, the sausage held me over. For lunch, I had the leftover cabbage and chicken. As much as I love cumin, I need to learn to dial it down some because it’s too strong and made me burp a lot. For supper, I pulled some spaghetti out of the freezer and ate it over riced cauliflower. It was ok but I think out of everything I’ve had spaghetti over, I prefer it over the spaghetti squash. It just made me feel more like I was eating spaghetti.

I was reading up on paleo today and I have some decisions to make. Do I move on to paleo and if so, at what level. Apparently, some are very strict and some are strict on some things and not on others. For instance, with potatoes or even rice. I definitely think I should keep away from gluten, dairy and sugar. I’ll just play it by ear and see how it goes.

I can do ANYTHING for 1 day!!!!!

Day 28 – 2 To Go

Wow, just 2 days to go. I’m looking forward to the end but at the same time, I’m kind of nervous about it. Praying I can stay determined and patient while I reintroduce each food. I’ve come too far to blow it now but if I’m being honest, going back to my old ways is my MO. If I truly want to find the root of my fatigue, I’ll do it right but on the other hand, I think I’ve prooved food is not my “foe” when it comes to fatigue. But I do have other things that have improved (aka non-scale victories). I have cut my Prilosec down to every other day and while I feel a little discomfort, it’s not choking me like it would have before. I can tell the inflamation is out of my body because I don’t ache all over. And the biggest is no bloating.

One of the moderators of the Facebook support group I’m in, said she didn’t lose much weight when she did this before so I’ve been a little worried that would be my case. If it is, I know how disappointed I will be and that is always bad (I’ll be frustrated and tempted). I’ve googled to see if I can find other stories and I found a few where people lost 10+ pounds so I still remain hopeful.

Breakfast was really good today for some reason. I had bacon with hashbrowns so nothing new. But I added a little bell pepper this time so I guess it just gave it a little different taste. For lunch, I got creative and sauteed some cabbage in bacon grease and then added some of the leftover rotisserie chicken from Thursday. I seasoned it with Celtic salt, pepper, onion powder and cumin. It was really good but I need to learn to dial back the cumin. I didn’t realize it has a little kick to it but it does. Gary and I couldn’t decide what to eat for supper so I just got a bowl full of strawberries and put some of my coffee creamer over them. It didn’t keep me full very long but then it got too late to eat. So I’m going to bed on an empty stomach.

I almost forgot…I woke up with a headache this morning and I’ve been a little achy. It makes me wonder if something was in my meal last night that I shouldn’t have had. But I took some Excedrin and that fixed my headache and we got in the hottub and that relieved my achiness.

I can do anything for 2 days!

Day 27 – 3 To Go

It’s been a crazy busy day but I managed to stay on plan. I was up by 5:00 to drive to Hartselle, AL to get our new foster dog, Macy. I took a Lara bar and that was breakfast. We got back to the house and immediately left for my daughter’s and son-in-laws that live an hour away. They are getting ready to put their house on the market so I helped her paint and Gary helped stretch their carpet to get a hump out of it. I realized I did not take any food with me so Gary went and got some hamburger to make me a hamburger patty and I made some baked fries.

I had girls night out tonight and had a great time. First we went to get manis and pedis. Then we went to get some dinner. We had an hour wait but it was worth it. It’s hard watching everyone drink and not even being able to have a glass of wine but I survived. Thankfully, we went to a pretty nice restaurant and I was able to order off of the menu. I just pray the cooks did as I asked and left any butter or garlic off. And I hope there’s nothing else on it that I didn’t think of. Anyway, I had grilled salmon, broccoli and asparagus. The broccoli and asparagus were sauteed in EVOO.

After that we went to a tattoo parlor and my friend, Jeanette, got her ears pierced. It was really funny watching her but after that I was ready to go. My friend Tina was getting a tattoo and I felt bad but I just couldn’t stay. I’m off to bed now.

3 more days! I can do anything for 3 days!!!

Day 26 – 4 To Go

Same old, same old. I’m tired as usual but thankfully no headache. I’m really pumped about only having 4 days to go though. My rings are no longer tight and my engagement ring is actually very loose and just twirls around on my finger. So that’s a non-scale victory. Unless I lose it of course. Also, I didn’t take my Prilosec again today and I hardly noticed!

I remembered today that I accidentally ate garlic when first starting this thing (it was in my dressing and somehow I missed that very important ingredient) so eggs will be my first food to reintroduce! Then almonds. I’ll have to figure out when I had the garlic last and count from there to make sure it’s 30 days out. If needed, coconut will be next. Otherwise it will be garlic.

For breakfast today I had bacon and sweet potato fries. I made sure to save some fries for lunch and I had the rest of the pork tenderloin. It was a little drier today but still good. We met my daughter and son-in-law at Applebees and I was prepared. I took some chicken, sunflower seeds and my dressing and I ordered a side caesar salad (again to make sure there was no spinach in it). I have to brag on my sweet husband again. We were texting about what I would eat tonight and I told him I would order the salad but thought I would just take some sandwich meat to put on it. But then I said what I really wanted was some baked chicken to put on it. I assumed he would just buy a breast but instead he had Publix roast one “naked,” as he calls it. It was so tender and good. He told me he had to wait like 25 minutes minutes for them to do that. I am indeed a lucky woman!

We have to get up early tomorrow to drive over an hour to get our next foster dog so I’m going to bed. I’ll post a picture of her soon!

Day 25 – 5 To Go

Today was a crappy day at work so I’ve ended up with a slight headache. Not bad but it’s there. I went to a girls night out at Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of Harley friends and had a great time. I took some Kumbacha so that made me feel like I was having a drink with everyone. Silly, I know.

For breakfast I had bacon and sweet potato fries. For lunch I had leftover salmon, kale and butternut squash. I ended up saving some of the sweet potato fries from breakfast though and I ate those instead of the squash. For supper, I ordered a Caesar side salad with nothing but the lettuce. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get a salad with spinach in it. Good thing too because someone across from me got a regular salad and it had spinach in it. I took some leftover chicken and some balsamic vinegar and oil dressing. It was pretty good and a nice change.

Someone took a picture and sadly, I still look like a cow. It’s amazing how I don’t feel as big as I look in the pictures. I do have on a poncho type shirt, but there’s bigness under there alright. What is it about the brain that makes you think you look thinner when looking down at yourself or in the mirror than when you see yourself in a picture? What’s even crazier is that I know I haven’t lost that much weight so why would I magically look thinner after just 25 days?

I had a dry patch come up on my face today. The only skin problem I usually have is dry skin in the winter, but never on my face. Hopefully it won’t stay around.

I can do anything for 5 days!!!