Vinegar for Heartburn

I’ve been taking vinegar for a few days now and I am starting to see my heartburn improving. The last time I took my Prilosec was Friday night and I’m not dying yet. I’ve figured out the perfect concoction and it’s really good. It’s Arbonne tea with 1 tsp of honey, 2 or 3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil and 1 Tbl of apple cider vinegar. Plain water works just as well but I like that the tea offers other benefits. My husband is even drinking it. Of course, it could also be the Di Gize Essential Oil that I started using yesterday. I just rub it on my belly. Either way, I’ll keep doing both. It doesn’t matter to me and neither is hurting me so it’s a win/win.

I weigh tomorrow and not expecting a loss. There may even be a small gain. I weighed Monday and had gained 2 lbs. We went on a ride to Chattanooga on Saturday and ate at a buffet and I’m afraid I succumbed to the fried green tomatoes and fried okra. Oh, and the chicken finger. There just wasn’t that much there that wasn’t fried or breaded in some way and hunger got the best of me. As long as I don’t continue along that slippery path, I’m ok with an occasional slip.

Possible tornadoes here in Alabama tomorrow. Please say a prayer that it doesn’t get that bad!



I hate to complain. I really do. But I’m so tired. And I’m tired of being tired. I feel like I’m doing everything I can do to figure it out and to reverse it but nothing seems to be working yet. I’m tired of writing this blog too. It’s so draining to have to figure out what I need to journal about. I’m either tired or have heartburn. The only good I can find from it is that I was able to look up and see when the last time was that I took my Prilosec. Sad thing is, it was just yesterday and I didn’t remember that. I suppose exhaustion does that.

Today I had the fritata again but this time I ate it with salsa. It was a lot better that way. Lunch was leftover tuna salad on the paleo bread I bought the other day. Tonight we had our HOG meet & eat. We went to Habaneros Mexican Restaurant. I shared fajitas with Gary. I’m really amazed that I don’t miss chips and salsa or cheese dip. The margarita either. I took some kombucha with me and ordered a shot of vodka and I was all set.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.

Heartburn GO AWAY!!!

Day 4 and heartburn is not going away. If I can just hold out until tomorrow when I will take my Prilosec. I just hope I’m doing the right thing by waiting. I worry that I’m making matters worse. I just don’t understand it. I was doing so good and having very little heartburn between pills. It was so bad this morning, I decided to only eat sweet potato fries for lunch. I also ate 1/2 of a banana because I read that is good for getting rid of heartburn. I drank some kombucha too and I was fine all afternoon. So much so that I decided I would stick with sweet potato fries again tonight. Yet, it’s back and with a vengeance.

I’ve been eating the homemade breakfast sausage that I made and I’m wondering if that has something to do with it. Maybe there’s something in it that is causing the burn. I’m laying off of it tomorrow and will see.

I go to the doctor on April 7. That’s 3 weeks from now. I hope this doesn’t continue because I don’t think I can wait 3 weeks to ask if this is normal or what I’m doing wrong.

Not much else on my mind tonight. It’s hard to think or reflect when you hurt so bad.

The Longest Week Ever

Thank goodness this work week is finally over!! Have I mentioned I don’t like the time change? I actually woke up on time this morning but I was still dragging all day. And I’ve just had such a hard time staying focused and on task. Maybe I can get my internal clock straightened out this weekend.

I took that Prilosec last night and surprisingly, I’ve been hurting pretty bad all day and tonight. I came home from work and took some coconut oil and again when we got back from eating dinner and I will take some more before bed. I hope that isn’t a bad thing. I’ll look it up tomorrow. I would think it’s just the calories that aren’t good. I just wonder why it’s so bad all of a sudden. I was doing so good. I wonder if I waited too long to take one.

Breakfast today was bacon and eggs again. I made my breakfast sausage tonight with ground pork, fennel, thyme, sage, salt, pepper, garlic and maple syrup. The recipe called for coconut sugar but I thought maple syrup would be better. I’m hoping I can ripen some bananas before tomorrow morning so I can have some banana pancakes. Those that I have in the freezer from Young Living Gluten Free mix just don’t do it for me. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to  breakfast. Lunch was leftover spaghetti and 3 cookies I bought yesterday from Organic Harvest. They are paleo friendly but I know they still aren’t good for me. They are just so good though! We met our friends out for supper at the bowling ally. Sounds weird but it’s a really nice place and the food is delicious. I had salmon, broccoli and fries and a glass of cabernet. The wine made my nose turn red and I was all stopped up. When will I accept the fact that I can’t drink wine anymore?

Time for sweet dreams. Night all!

When There is Pizza

We had our monthly HOG meeting tonight and the meal being served was pizza. I love pizza. At least I used to. The last time I had pizza, it just wasn’t as good as I remembered. So I really wasn’t heartbroken that I couldn’t eat it. I think that’s the great thing about eating paleo. You get all of the bad stuff out of your system and you don’t miss it. There was also salad so I took some leftover chicken and some homemade dressing and just had a chicken salad. It wasn’t bad.

Rewind to this morning and I had bacon and boiled eggs. Lunch was chicken, asparagus and sweet potato fries. Last night when we were spicing the chicken up to cook, I put some smoked paprika on one piece. I was curious whether it would be any good or not and it was actually very good. Next time we have chicken, it will be spiced up with that.

It’s been since Monday that I’ve had my Prilosec and I’m feeling it tonight. Probably the balsamic vinegar dressing. I’ve already had one tablespoon of coconut oil and I’ll get another one before bed. Tomorrow will definitely be a Prilosec day.

Waiting on feeling better for using the oils for my breathing issues. I guess it takes a while. Maybe one day before I die I’ll get to feel normal again and not exhausted. I can do anything!

Fun With Friends

Yay for the weekend! I enjoyed time tonight with sweet friends. We went to Chili’s for our friend, Gloria’s, birthday. I was able to find a sirloin with grilled avocado and a fresco salad (whatever that is). Whatever it is, it finally added spinach back to my diet so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t expect it will do anything but I should know soon enough. I also had one glass of wine. Seems to be a theme these days.

I woke up with a headache this morning. I took some Excedrin but it never quite went away until later in the day when I took 2 more Excedrin. I only had 1 glass of wine but it was Barefoot and I’m not a fan and that could be why. But that’s pretty much why I only had one glass tonight. I didn’t want to feel bad tomorrow.

I’ve got heartburn tonight but I can’t take my Prilosec tomorrow so I hope it goes away. In hindsight and after saying that out loud, that’s another reason why I shouldn’t have drank that glass of wine tonight. I know it doesn’t help it. I’ll take some coconut oil and hope that gets rid of it.

For breakfast I had bacon and scrambled eggs. Lunch was Organic Harvest again. This time I had roast and carrots, herb roasted cauliflower and creamed kale. I didn’t eat much of the kale though. I realized I didn’t check the sneeze guard to see whether it was paleo or not. Wondering if it had dairy in it. I also bought a couple of paleo cookies. They were divine!!

Heading off to bed. Busy day tomorrow.

Another Month Down

It’s been another month and I’m another 5.1 lbs down. Not great but it’s better than a gain. And like they say…I didn’t gain it over night and I won’t lose it over night. That puts me at a total of about 24 lbs. I had already lost 10 lbs before the new year, 9+ lbs in January and 5.1 in February. So not too bad!

One non-scale victory is that I’m very close to being off of Prilosec. I’m in week 3 and in the process of dropping it to 2 days this week. It’s amazing something so commonly prescribed by doctors can be so damaging and hard to get off of. It shows the sign of the times where doctors over medicate instead of looking for the root cause. There should be laws against it or better guidelines or something.

I’m ready for bed so I’m jumping right into my meals for today. We finally got some bacon so for breakfast I had bacon and scrambled eggs. Of course lunch was leftovers from last night…steamed shrimp, new potatoes and green beans. For supper we made some of that chick-fil-a chicken nuggets and had that in a salad. For some reason, it didn’t fry up nice and crispy. Not sure if it’s because I just used arrowroot flour or what. The last recipe I found also used cassava flour. Next time, I’ll add that too. It wasn’t enough to coat all the chicken anyway so that will help it go further.