When There is Pizza

We had our monthly HOG meeting tonight and the meal being served was pizza. I love pizza. At least I used to. The last time I had pizza, it just wasn’t as good as I remembered. So I really wasn’t heartbroken that I couldn’t eat it. I think that’s the great thing about eating paleo. You get all of the bad stuff out of your system and you don’t miss it. There was also salad so I took some leftover chicken and some homemade dressing and just had a chicken salad. It wasn’t bad.

Rewind to this morning and I had bacon and boiled eggs. Lunch was chicken, asparagus and sweet potato fries. Last night when we were spicing the chicken up to cook, I put some smoked paprika on one piece. I was curious whether it would be any good or not and it was actually very good. Next time we have chicken, it will be spiced up with that.

It’s been since Monday that I’ve had my Prilosec and I’m feeling it tonight. Probably the balsamic vinegar dressing. I’ve already had one tablespoon of coconut oil and I’ll get another one before bed. Tomorrow will definitely be a Prilosec day.

Waiting on feeling better for using the oils for my breathing issues. I guess it takes a while. Maybe one day before I die I’ll get to feel normal again and not exhausted. I can do anything!


Going Off Plan

We had a busy day today but I managed to stay on plan for breakfast and lunch. I ate bacon and fried eggs for breakfast then we left a little after 8 and drove over 160 miles to get 3 puppies into the rescue that I volunteer for. I was tempted to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel but we came on home. I then heated up the veggies and bacon wrapped shrimp from last night and it was still good today, even heated up.

Supper was a different story. We met friends at the local sushi restaurant and I ordered off the hibachi. Teriyaki chicken with vegetables and fried rice. I don’t even want to know what’s in it. It was good and I’m not sorry. I also had a glasss of chardonnay. I’m a little bit sorry about that but only because I’m so stopped up now, I can’t breathe. But that could also be from the hot tub. After we got home from our road trip, we worked in the yard and really needed the hot tub to soothe the sore muscles. It was a little chilly and the wind was blowing a cold mist right in my face. So it could have been that. I was stopped up yesterday too and sneezing all day.

But back to the teriyaki chicken and glass of wine. I realize I can’t live my life in a bubble and when faced with a situation or an opportunity, I will roll with it. I can’t imagine turning down going out with friends because I can’t eat what is there. I’ll get back on track tomorrow and stay there. Because I can do anything!

Sticking To It

I’m tired of not being able to eat what I want, when I want it. I’m tired of going to restaurants and having to scour the menu for things I can eat aannd only being able to pick out a couple of possibilities. I’m discouraged by the thought that I will have to do these things for the rest of my life. I say that because I know me. I know that if I go back to what I was doing before and just try to cut back, I will end up where I always end up. Overweight and miserable. And just having a piece of cake every now and then wouldn’t work either because the sugar addiction is real.

That’s why I’m sticking to it. Because I don’t want to be overweight and miserable anymore. Because I want to live a long and healthy life. One where I can walk a short distance without getting out of breath. And while I’m looking at the menu, I’m psyching myself out for the delicious veggies I’m about to consume. I will miss fried okra and fried green tomatoes but I’ll figure a way where I can eat them again one day. The thing I will miss the most is my mom’s recipe for carrot cake. That’s what I always make myself for my birthday. But I’ll live. Because with the cake and fried okra and fried green tomatoes, I might not. Not for as long anyway.

So this was my pep talk to myself. I’ve been having a pity party because we’ve gone out to eat a couple of times and that’s the hardest part. So I am reminding myself why I’m doing this. I can do anything!

Breakfast today was bacon and boiled eggs again. They’re good and easy so I don’t mind. My husband took me to lunch for the first time since sometime in December and wouldn’t you know it. They only had cabbage and green beans. The same thing I had last night. I also had a side salad with greek dressing (all they had that was close to what I could have) and chicken kabobs. For supper we roasted, cabbage, zucchini, and potatoes and I made some bacon wrapped shrimp again. This time I found a marinade that had olive oil, lemon juice, paprika, thyme, salt and garlic. And this time we broiled them instead of grilling them. That way, they were still in some juice and didn’t dry out so bad. Yummy!

Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Night all!


So Much On My Mind

Let’s see. I weighed this morning and I’ve lost 4 pounds since I weighed on February 1. It’s not a ton of weight but it is progress. And slow progress is better than no progress. I’ve always heard losing weight slow is better. This progress (or lack thereof) does not help me decide whether to keep track of my food via the Fitbit app or continue doing it on this blog. The app is appealing because of ease of use and I’m also sure people have no interest in what I ate for the day. But then again this has been for me the whole time anyway. So I still don’t know.

I’m really tired today and I hate to admit it that it could be because I couldn’t use my oxygen last night. I woke up around 11:00 with water coming through my tube into my nose. Kind of scary when you consider I could have literally drowned. I called the company and they said it could be because there is too much humidity in the room and/or because the tubing is too long. My husband drained the tube today and we won’t run the room humidifier tonight and we’ll see how that goes. But It does really feel like I’m less tired. Funny how I didn’t notice I was less tired.

We’ve been getting really bored with food lately. I keep saying I’m going to find recipes for things we used to eat a lot but I never seem to have time. I have been thinking about fajitas a lot though so today I did look that up. I found a recipe that was pretty good. I felt like it was missing something but he really liked it. I also found a recipe for paleo wraps so I was able to actually have fajitas. They weren’t too bad. Not a lot of taste but then again, regular fajita wraps don’t either. Of course I don’t fully read the recipe to know that the meat should have been marinated for at least 1 hour and it was meant to be grilled. We just did it in a skillet and it was fine. Add some potato chips for the salt I crave and it was perfect.

For breakfast I had bacon and scrambled eggs again. Another meal that I need to do some recipe searching for. Lunch was leftover hobo burger and broccoli. I also had a few pieces of my homemade chocolate. Yum!!

My goal this week is to stay off of the scale until Wednesday. I can do anything!!!

Public or Private

Weight loss has practically stopped despite the fact that I’m eating healthier than I’ve eaten in years. Maybe forever. Then I got to thinking about what I’ve been eating and how much. Could that have something to do with it? About that time, I remembered to check the battery on my Fitbit. I don’t have one of the fancy ones with all the bells and whistles. It’s just the Flex. I don’t even pay attention to my steps anymore. I just use it for the vibrating alarm. But as I was looking at the app to see how low my battery was, it occurred to me that I should be entering my food in it so I can see how many calories are going in and going out. After all, at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

My next thought was all the time I’ve spent on this blog and the reasons for doing it. I have one place where I can track my food, symptoms, non-scale victories, progress and downfalls. It helps that it’s public and that holds me accountable to myself.

So the question is, should I keep doing what I’m doing or should I start tracking everything through my Fitbit? I suppose I could do both both but how time consuming is that and do I really want to do that? I know me pretty good and I’m afraid it would become tedious. Plus, finding the exact food I ate is not easy. Especially if I’m not weighing or measuring. Maybe I could just do both for a short time so I can get an idea of what I’m actually taking in and scale it back accordingly. I don’t know.

Until I figure it out, today I had bacon and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Lunch was leftover pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and asparagus. We had a hobo burger and broccoli and I went off paleo and had a few navy beans. I also had a few pieces of my homemade chocolate. That stuff is so good and it is probably going to be a good thing once it’s gone!

I can do anything. Once I figure out what I’m doing.

Time to Buckle Down

Two things happened today. I gained 1/2 of a pound and my pulmonologist called to say I have to go back on oxygen when sleeping. It was hard enough seeing the scale go up instead of down but then to find out I need oxygen was just heart breaking. I’ve been trying so hard and doing so good and then poof!

In the grand scheme of things, my problems are miniscule. They are nothing to get upset about. Maybe it’s that I had two setbacks in one day. And who knows, maybe the oxygen will finally help with my fatigue. Nothing else seems to be working.

What I need to do now is buckle down and lose the weight and continue to get healthy. What I don’t need to do is let this, or anything else, get me down and get into my head and make me feel like I might as well give up. That’s what I usually do. I eat all the wrong foods and as much as I want. But not anymore. This blog is going to keep me motivated and keep me accountable.

Food today was bacon and sweet potato fries for breakfast and leftover bacon wrapped shrimp with peppers and onion and roasted potatoes for lunch. For supper, we made paleo friendly chicken nuggets (that were really good) along with mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus. Also, for the first time since January 1, I had alcohol. I had some kombucha over ice with a splash of vodka. Surprisingly, I didn’t get wasted since it’s been so long. I was so bummed from the day that I succumbed. That’s probably the worst reason to do it but it’s done.

I can do anything that I put my mind to.

What Did I Forget?

Yesterday was the first time I forgot to write my blog. I really didn’t have time but I mostly forgot. We were at the Birmingham World of Wheels raising money for Big Oak Ranch. Such a wonderful cause! I briefly thought about it while we were there but once we got home, I got ready for bed and never gave it another thought.

Let’s see if I can remember what I ate. Bacon and 2 boiled eggs for breakfast. For lunch I had leftover sloppy joe meat with green beans. Supper was leftover bacon wrapped chicken with roasted zucchini. I ate that on the way to World of Wheels. And yes, I had to really think about what I had. And this is why I write it down. Because if I have a really strong symptom come up, I want to be able to remember what I ate.

Today was another busy day. I had bacon and fried eggs for breakfast and I never did eat lunch. I took my husband back down to the World of Wheels and I went to work to catch up on some things. I ate a Lara bar and stopped on my way back down there and ate some chips. That held me over until we went out for our friend’s birthday at a mexican restaurant. I decided on the chicken soup. It has rice in it and garlic so I took a chance eating it but it was hard enough not having a margarita and no chips and dip. I think eating chicken soup was an acceptable choice.

One final note for the day. I tried taking my coconut oil in my coffee and let me tell you, it was not good! I felt like I was drinking oil. Very greasy. I’m sure it would be better if it were just a teaspoon instead of 2 tablespoons. I looked it up today and there are several ways I can get the oil in and one was mixing cocoa, coconut oil and maple syrup and then cooling in the fridge. Sounds good to me!!